Sunday, June 12, 2011

9 Health & Beauty Tips and Products for a Bikini-Ready Summer Body!

Hey laddiesss!  I just wanted to share with you some tips and products that I like to help you look and feel great at the beach this summer!

#1) Get into a work-out routine!  
Least favorite thing to do. Ever.
I am not super into working out.  I'm not a health nut by any means and I don't want to harass you into becoming one either!  If you are motivated enough on your own to work out everyday, good for you, but that's not me!  I like to find activities I enjoy doing and do them on a regular basis as my exercise.  For example, I like to go line dancing, and surprisingly it works up quite a sweat!  So I do that about once or twice a week, and combined with the ~30-45 minutes of walking I consistently do everyday at school, it works out to a mildly active exercise.  Now that school is over I've started doing yoga a couple times a week and am slowly adding in ab workouts, usually before I get in the shower in the mornings!  You don't have to drastically change your lifestyle to add in a few days a week of exercise!
You can get disgustingly cute yoga mats at

#2 Eat healthy and drink lots of water!  
om nom nom...drink this shit!
Like I said...not a health nut.  I like food.  And I really like unhealthy food.  However, I try and keep a semi-balanced diet most of the time.  I'm not going to tell you I hit my recommended "food pyramid" categories everyday, but I also don't eat McDonalds twice a day.  I pretty much out ruled fast food and soda and that tends to keep my calories at a good level.  I've also started making smoothies in the morning which not only are super healthy for you, it's a good boost to start your day!  You can put anything into a smoothie really and I've discovered it's pretty hard to eff it up :)  I like to buy frozen fruit and just toss it in with some ice and blend, delish!  It's also important in the summer to make sure you're drinking as much water as possible!  I've been keeping a bottle in my purse and pool bag to sip on consistently all day.  It helps keep your skin healthy and taut and it actually flushes out the by-products of fat breakdown in your body which helps if you're trying to lose weight!

If you live a "green" life you can get a cute aluminum water bottle for a few bucks! :)

#3) Get your Bikini On!
I have this in yellow.  LOVE!  Check out the clearance section at Victoria's Secret!

So I have a little problem....I LOVE bikinis. Let's just go ahead and pretend I didn't buy five bikinis off last summer.  If you haven't got a new bathing suit yet, go ahead and do it!  I'm all about bargains so last summer I shopped in the clearance section of Victoria's Secret's websites and got tops and bottoms for as low as $10 each!  A lot of clearance includes last year's models, but they are still super cute and I urge you to check it out! You can also find good deals at Old Navy, Target, Kohls, etc!  Treat yourself to some new swimwear!

#4) Get some quality Sunscreen!
My favorite...hard to find in stores, check!
If you're going to be outside this summer, which I hope you will be, you'll need some good sunscreen.  I know people buy expensive Bane du Soleil and designer sunscreen and I just think that's silly.  My favorite brand of all time is Ocean Potion, but it's very hard to find around here now!  It smells better than any other sunscreen I've ever tried and I love the spray on gels!  While you're at it you best pick up their Aloe After Sun Lotion, too, because it smells just as great and it helps relieve your burn!  I turned pink the other day after laying out, then I put this stuff on and the next pink and no pain!
Miracle cream!  I've seen this at Walmart..go get it now!
Also I want to mention a cool product I just found out about!  Shady Day has these things called Sunscreen Wipes!  I think they're so neat because I get grossed out when my face is so slimy from putting sunscreen on it!  Now it can be an easier, grease-free application!  They're kind of expensive, I $14 at Target, but I'd love to try them!  Have you guys used these yet?
#5) If you're a natural tanner, grab some tanning oil!
My go-to oil!

I will swear by this stuff, it totally works!  I was going to make a whole blog post about it, but I figured I'd just throw it in here.  It usually takes me a few weeks to form a good base tan but after TWO days of using this oil I had very noticeable tan lines (I took some pictures but when I was looking at them they kind of looked inappropriate so I think you'll just have to take my word for it)!  I think this is now my go-to oil.  It makes you feel absolutely disgusting because you're greasy and slimy, but if you're looking to get a quick tan outside, it's super worth it.  I'm not an expert tanner or anything, I've never used a tanning bed so I don't know if you're supposed to use oil in there or not, but outside this works wonders!  I generally put a sunscreen underneath this to continue to protect my skin a but, but this definitely accelerates the tanning effects!  Make sure you keep putting on sunscreen if you're going to use tanning oil because you can get super fried if you're not paying attention!

#6) Keep the makeup to a minimal
Use a foundation with natural SPF in it!
When I'm looking to be outside all day in the heat I like to not wear a lot of makeup.  It makes me feel lighter and more comfortable without it!  I tend to only use a foundation with a natural SPF (I'm currently using the Covergirl Nature Luxe, seen above) in it and some waterproof mascara.  For those of you who can't leave the house without completing their full make-up routine, never fear!  If you use a primer before your foundation it helps soak up the excess oil and sweat and will help prevent your makeup from running and gunking up.  I also like those oil remover pads--you can throw them in your purse and if you notice you've gotten a bit sweaty, you can just dab the excess oils off with those, too!  

In terms of eyes, if I wear shadow it's usually a light neutral color that's not obviously ruined if I get all sweaty.  I have also found that liquid liners, such as Lorac, stay on much better in the heat than pencil liners if you want to wear liner.  In terms of mascara, my go-to cheap brand is Maybelline's Define-A-Lash waterproof mascara!
I love this because it stays on all day AND holds a curl!  I can even wear this in the pool and it still looks okay when I get out!  What's your favorite waterproof mascara?  

P.S. don't forget about your lips, they can burn!  I like Burt's Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm in Passion fruit!  It smells delicious, is 100% natural, AND has SPF 8 in it!
Thanks Jenn for replacing my Burt's Bees the other day :)

#7) Shave Yo Body!
If you're like me then you have some serious trouble with razor burn!  When you get in the shower make sure that you let your leg hairs soak and soften for at least 3-5 minutes before starting to shave.  Also be sure to wash with an anti-bacterial soap before shaving since your razor can push bacteria into your skin if you nick yourself.  You can also gently exfoliate to remove the excess oils and stuff from your skin that can cause red bumps and ingrown hairs.  When you start to shave make sure that you use a good moisturizing shave GEL such as Skintimate:
Smells soooo good.

You also need to use a multi-bladed razor that is relatively new!  They say even for your nice razors with disposable blades that you should only use them 4-6 times before getting a new one.  That's too few for me since I shave my legs just about every other day and can't afford $12 razor blades that often, but I've found as long as my hairs are softened I can use my razor a few more times than that!  Also shave WITH the grain and be sure to completely dry yourself when you're done as excess moisture can be the cause of rashes.  

For that annoying bikini line I highly recommend Coochy cream from Pure Romance:
You can buy this from a Pure Romance representative or online!
This stuff is a miracle shaving cream designed for your bikini region that's more along the consistency of conditioner.  It helps moisturize and prevent razor burn and is the best stuff I've used for this area!  It's a little pricey at $14 for a 4 oz tube, but it's SO worth it.  My boyfriend actually stole it last summer and used it to shave his face and neck, so I'm waiting for mine to be replaced! 

#8) P-E-D-I-C-U-R-E!
Ladies if you want to bust out those cute strappy flip flops, make sure that your feet aren't nasty!  You can pay $25+ bucks to get a pedicure, but I prefer to just do it myself at home!  I like to use Dr. Scholls exfoliating foot cream or a salt scrub along with a pumice stone or foot scraper in the shower to smooth the bottoms of my feet out!

I then apply a nice moisturizing lotion.  I've just been using my aloe lotion lately since it smells so good!  I then do some cuticle care with ORLY's cuticle therapy cream, push 'em back with an orange stick, trim the nails to the edge of my skin, and paint them with a super fun, super bright polish! 
If you're like me, your finger nails are always painted, too!  I think my go-to summer toe nail polish color is now Ulta's Fuschiamania and my summer fun finger nail polish is Essie's Braziliant!  LOVE!


#9) Keep yourself smellin' fresh all day!
After being outside all day sometimes I notice my deodorant has gone a bit sour.  It's not really a body odor is just a not good smell when sweat mixes with my deodorant!  I've recently taken a few extra steps to ensure this doesn't happen.  First of all, use the same procedure for shaving under your arms as I mentioned before!  Make sure to exfoliate, clean with antibacterial soap, and use a shave gel with a fresh razor!  Also when you're done showering be sure to completely dry your arm pits to prevent bacteria from growing in all the moisture.  I then like to apply a pH balanced deodorant like Secret!  The pH stuff works well for me, but there are a tons of different deodorants out there so just keep trying one until you find one that works for you all day!  Your hormones are constantly changing in your teens and early twenties so if you notice that your normal go-to deodorant isn't working as well, you just need to try something else!  

If you notice you sweat excessively try a deodorant containing aluminum chloride such as Certain Dri.  I sweated excessively my first year of high school and this worked amazingly for me.  It's actually recommended for people suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the underarms), so if you think you are sweating an abnormal amount or you notice stains in the under arms of your shirt, give this stuff a try!

Gosh that was a long post!  Thanks to everyone who stuck through with that to the end!  If you have any additional tips or questions about the products I posted, feel free to comment or email me at and I'll try and get back to you right away!  Have a safe and happy summer, ladies! 

<3 Whitney