About Me

My name is Whitney and I am a 24 year old graduate of The Ohio State University!  I graduated in June of 2011 with a Master's Degree in Engineering!  I am a native of Ohio, but I currently live in Tennessee where I work for the government.

Like I've said before, I love science and and all things nerdy (hence the ELEMENTAL style title), but I also love fashion and makeup, which you don't often see (at least I haven't seen) in other engineers.  I love getting new makeup and nail polishes and shopping for new clothing styles.  Since I'm was used to being a poor college student for 6 years, I also love looking around for good deals!  This is one of the reasons I'm a BzzAgent, I get to try some products for free!  This is why there are random non-style related posts sometimes. 

I've got a wonderful boyfriend who is so supportive of everything I do, he means the world to me which is why I had to mention him :)  He's a trained chef so every once in a while I get some super yummy dinners!  He moved down here to Tennessee with me and I couldn't be more appreciate of that!  I love our cute life together!

Enjoy my blog and don't hesitate to e-mail me about any concerns or questions you may have!