Friday, October 26, 2012

Color Club Snow Queen

Good morning pretties!

I've got a better fall color to show you girls today :)  It's a Color Club that I'm pretty sure is called Snow Queen!

Now, I got this in a set at Ross a while ago and I initially had it labeled as Rev'd Up, but after looking at swatches, I know that's not the case as it has no shimmer!  BUT it looks pretty close to Snow Queen--do you have another suggestion?

Anywho, here are the swatches!

Snow Queen is a dark, vampy purple jelly!  The formula was great and went on smooth and opaque in only two coats.  In case you were wondering, this is the polish I put on after removing my Butter London Fail :)  This is definitely more of the fall look I was going for!

It was a bit darker than colors I usually wear, but I still liked it a lot!  The only downside to this mani was that it started chipping the next day!  Like...12 hours later!  I did my normal routine of Rejuvacote + polish + Seche Vite and apparently that still didn't help.  I was disappointed because my mani before this lasted like 9 days with the same routine!  Oh well.

I took it off after a day (and by took it off I mean chipped it all off) and replaced it with ORLY Lucky Duck.  Love!

<3 Whitney

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nail fail? Butter London The Black Knight + Tart with a Heart

Hello girls :) It's been a while!

I've been super busy with wedding planning and traveling back home that I have neglected my blog!  Well hopefully since I'm on a roll with the planning and I've finished up frankening, I'll have more time for it again :D

Today I've got a semi-nail fail to show you!  I fell in love last December when Scrangie blogged about the Holiday Dressing Table collection from Butter London.  I. Had. To. Have. It.

I didn't get around to purchasing until earlier this summer and The Black Knight is just NOT a summer color so I stashed it away.  (I did use Tart with a Heart over some other polishes, though...LOVE).

Anywho, I decided since it's now fall to bust out this combo!  Here are the shots (Sorry I don't have any shots of either polish alone...this is just the combo!):

I do not know what happened between last year and this year, because I loved The Black Knight + Tart with a Heart when I first saw swatches....but after application? Blech.  I took it off right away!

I haven't given up all hope.  I've convinced myself that the combination of the purple undertones of The Black Knight plus the green undertones of Tart with a Heart plus my skintone and longer nails just resulted in me kind of hating it.

Now don't get me wrong, they both applied great!  I used two coats of The Black Knight and one coat of Tart with a Heart topped with Seche Vite--they went on smooth just like all BL polishes!  I think with how long my nails are and how pale my skin is, I just felt like it looked witchy!  If I was going for that Halloween look I would've kept it on :)  But sadly, I'm not.

I think I'll save The Black Knight for shorter nails...or maybe mid-winter, when it'd work better! 

Did you girls pick this combo up when it came out last year?  What'd you think?

<3 Whitney

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Elemental Styles Supplies Sale! *Updated 10/21*

Hey beauties.  I was considering just making this a page (like with my blog sale, which has been updated as of 10/21!!), but I'm going to make it a blog entry instead. 

Anywho, here is a list of the supplies I have for sale.  If you didn't see my last post, I'm about done making polish for a while.  I just don't have the time anymore, my polish isn't as popular as it once was and I'd really like to get some of my invested money back so I can put it toward our wedding :/

This isn't all of it, just the stuff I've priced so far.  Shipping will have to be by weight to any country--I'll ship it cheapest possible (USPS First Class unless priority flat rate is cheaper!).  If you request something and I send you a final quote with shipping, you've got 24 hours to send the payment, otherwise it'll be back up :)

If you need pics, I'd suggest checking out the websites of the brand, which I'll link to, but I've also got some pics as well!

Thanks ladies!

UPDATE: My bad! My e-mail address is

Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments:
38 PearlEx Pigments in various colors (3 g ea).  In containers. Most unused, some brand new, paid about $70 - $28 for all

Basic Elements Glitters:
All tested in polish, most fade slightly and tint the base to make a "jelly" polish.  Orange and pink fade the most, no melting.
Shiny Hex Glitters 0.015", all in containers, price as marked or $12 for all 33 containers
   -Silver 0.8 oz in 2 containers - $1.00
   -Gold 1.15 oz in 3 containers - $1.25
   -Black 0.9 oz in 2 containers - $1.00
   -Red 0.85 oz in 2 containers - $1.00
   -Orange 1.75 oz in 4 containers - $1.00
   -Green 1.3 oz in 3 containers - $1.25
   -Teal 1.25 oz in 3 containers - $1.25
   -Blue 1.15 oz in 3 containers - $1.25
   -Lavender 1.65 oz in 3 containers - $1.50
   -Purple 0.3 oz in 1 container - $0.50
   -Pink 1.7 oz in 4 containers - $1.00
   -White  1.25 oz in 3 containers - $1.25
Extrafine Hex Glitters 0.008", all in containers $0.25 each or all for $1.25
   -Silver 0.1 oz
   -Gold 0.08 oz
   -Red 0.1 oz
   -Green 0.1 oz
   -Blue 0.1 oz
   -White 0.1 oz
Glitter Shakers Square Glitter 0.040", all in containers, price as marked or $2.50 for all
   -Lavender 0.15 oz - $0.25
   -Purple 0.10 oz - $0.25
   -Teal 0.20 oz - $0.50
   -Gold 0.2 oz - $0.50
   -Red 0.2 oz - $0.50
   -Pink 0.20 oz - $0.50
   -Green 0.2 oz - $0.50
   -Blue 0.2 oz - $0.50
   -White 0.1 oz - $0.25

Envy Nail Supply
The following glitters have not been tested in polish:
Ultrafine Yellow Hex Glitter 0.008" - Small Bag (0.3 oz) - $1.75
Ultrafine Black Hex Glitter 0.008" - Small Bag (0.3 oz) - $1.75
Small Blue Hex Glitter 0.040" - Container (0.4 oz) - $2.00
Medium Green Hex Glitter 0.062" - Bag (0.3 oz) - $1.75
Medium Pink Hex Glitter 0.062" - Container (0.2 oz) - $1.50
Medium Silver Hex Glitter 0.062" - Container (0.3 oz) - $1.75
Large Silver Hex Glitter ~0.085" - Container (0.3 oz) - $1.75
Medium Red Hex Glitter 0.062" - Bag (0.25 oz) - $1.50
Small Yellow Hex Glitter 0.040" - Bag (0.25 oz) - $1.50
Medium Orange Hex Glitter 0.062" - Bag (0.30 oz) - $1.75

INM (Also sold at EZNails):
The following glitters have NOT been tested in polish.
Glitter Dust Shell Pink <0.008" - Container (0.25 oz) - $1.00
Glitter Dust Black Fiber <0.008" - Container (0.25 oz) - $1.00
Glitter Dust Emerald Green <0.008" - Container (0.25 oz) -$1.00

Kit Kraft:
* = Not tested in polish
Ultra-Fine Neon Yellow Hex 0.008" - Container (0.5 oz) x 3 - $4.00 ea
Ultra-Fine Neon Blue Hex 0.008" - Container (0.5 oz) - $4.00
*Ultra Fine Poly Yellow Crystalina Hex 0.008" - Container (0.4 oz) - $2.00
*Extra Fine Poly Black Ice Hex 0.015" - Container (0.4 oz) - $2.00
*Fine Neon Pink Hex 0.040" - Container (0.5 oz) - $1.25
*Fine Neon Orange Hex 0.040" - Container (0.5 oz) - $1.25
*Fine Neon Lemon Lime Hex 0.040" - Container (0.5 oz) - $1.25

* = Not tested in polish
*Fluorescent Yellow Hex 0.015" - Container (2 oz) - $3.50

TKB Trading:
Radiant Gold Mica Pigment - Bag (1 oz) - $3.50
Coral Reef Blue Mica Pigment - Bag (0.8 oz) - $3.00
Amethyst Mica Pigment  Bag (1 oz) - $3.50
White Shaplies Bar Glitter 0.0125" - Bag (1 oz) - $3.00
Black Shaplies Bar Glitter 0.0125" - Bag (0.85 oz) - $2.75
Blue Shaplies Bar Glitter 0.0125" - Container (0.4 oz) - $2.00

Velvet Glitter (From Michaels) 11 colors (~0.008") with ~0.40 oz each, all in containers - $10 for all
EZFlow Nail Glitter in Quartz (Iridescent) - Container (3.5 g) - $2.50
EZFlow Nail Glitter in Jasper (Chrome) - Container (3.5 g) x 2 - $2.50
EZFlow Nail Glitter in Moonstone (Blue) - Container (3.5 g) - $2.50
EZFlow Nail Glitter in Onyx (Black)- Container (3.5 g) - $2.50
Splash Nail Glitter in Golden Egg (Gold/Chrome) - Container (3 g) - $1.00 
Creatology Shiny Lime Green Hex Glitter - Container (0.42 oz) - $2.00
Creatology Shiny Black Hex Glitter - Container (0.42 oz) -$2.00
Creatology Shiny Violet Hex Glitter - Container (0.6 oz) - $2.00
Creatology Shiny Dark Blue Hex Glitter - Container (0.6 oz) - $2.00
Tree House Studios Bar Glitter Multipack, 6 colors (gold, silver, red, green, blue, lavender) - Containers (3 oz total) - $5.00 for all
FrankenGlitter Ultrafine Turquoise Square - Bag (0.45 oz) - $4.50  
Holographic Gold Hex Glitter from Ebay 0.025" - Bag (1 oz) x 3 - $3.00 ea 
66 Various containers of nail glitter from ebay - Containers x 66 - 25 cents each or all for $15 (see pic)

Franken Supplies
29 shaker tops from TKB, older style (~10 used) - $.25 for all
Various Containers (need cleaned out), 6 for $1.00
Stackable container (5 chambers) $1.00

That's all for now.  Stay tuned for updates, I'll definitely be putting more stuff up here and more polish on my blog sale soon!

<3 Whitney