Monday, July 30, 2012

Featuring Lime Crime: Les Desserts d'Antoinette Collection!

Hey girls!

I have a whole polish collection from a new-to-me brand called Lime Crime!  They were previously a makeup company, but they decided recently to dabble in nail polish!

The collection is called Les Desserts d'Antoinette, so all the polishes are dessert themed.  Check them out!

First up: Lavendairy

Lavendairy is a pretty pastel lavender polish!  It had a thinner formula--2 thick coats probably would've been okay but I used 3 for these pictures!  Honest to goodness, based on the frosty bottles, I assumed this whole collection would be matte polish (it's not).  The purple, however, is semi-matte and has a kind of streakier formula that you see a lot with mattes.  

The picture below shows Lavendairy by itself on the left and with a top coat on the right.

 Next: Pastelchio

Ignore my bumpy ring finger, I nicked it with a razor!
Pastelchio is a bright neon green!  Even though it says pastel in the name, and appears that way in the pictures, it's so pigmented and bright in person, I'd consider it a neon.  The formula for Pastelchio is thicker than Lavendairy, so I only needed two coats for it to be opaque! 

It's got a slightly matte-finish to it as well.  As you can see in the pic below, by itself on the left, and with top coat on the right.

Next up: Crema de Limón

I'm a sucker for yellows! Crema de Limón is a beautiful yellow pastel polish.  The formula is great, which I haven't found to be the case for other pastel yellows, and is shiny and not matte (horray!).  I used three thin coats for these pictures, but 2 thick probably would've been fine.  This one is probably my favorite!

My only concern with Crema de Limón is that it's a Spanish dessert...not French.  I'm not sure if someone just didn't do their research or what, but the name doesn't fit in with an Antoinette collection...

Next: Milky Ways

Milky Ways is a light pastel nude!  The formula was great, and like the others, 2 thick coats would be fine, but I used 3 thin!  It's not streaky at all, and it's got just enough shine to it.  The pictures are shown without top coats.  And maybe I'm boring, but I really love this color, it's probably my favorite next to Crema de Limón.

Next: Once in a Blue Mousse

Once in a Blue Mousse is a pretty Tiffany blue pastel not unlike China Glaze's For Audrey.  As a matter of fact, I swatched them side by side and For Audrey is only one shade darker than Once in a Blue Mousse.  The formula is great, though, and I only used 2 coats for full opacity!

Next: Parfait Day

Weee I love pinks, too!  Parfait Day is an opaque pastel pink!  It reminds me of Easter, actually.  It's not super shiny, but I wouldn't even get close to calling it semi-matte.  Only 2 coats were needed for full opacity. 

Last and not least: Peaches <3 Cream

Seriously, there's an actual heart in the name, hah!  Peaches <3 Cream is a beautiful peach pastel that applies opaque in 2 coats.  It was very pigmented, but I don't know how I feel about this one with my skin tone!  Overall, a pretty easy-to-use polish!

Okay so overall, I really liked this collection!  But here are some pros and cons!

Pros: Very pretty colors and the formulas on most of them are nice and go on opaque in just 2 coats!  They're also all 3-free!  I forgot to mention that the brush is flat and wide, which is a plus.  The brush was awesome! And the bottles are cute :)

Cons:  This collection is bizarre overall.  I feel like with the two semi-mattes and the green being more neon than pastel they just didn't all fit together.  Especially with the Spanish Crema de Limón name with the rest of them being French based?  This is also a collection I'd see better selling in the spring rather than mid-summer.  I probably would only wear one or two of these colors this time of year.  They also retail for $5.99 each and they're only 9 mL.

Bam!  So there you have it.  Pretty pastels and great formula, but maybe released the wrong time of year!  I'd definitely be willing to try more of Lime Crime polishes in the future based on the formula and the brush!

Have you ladies tried out Lime Crime yet?  Check them out here!

Let me know!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

New from Conair: ExtremeSteam!

So you all should know I love me some Conair products!  Most of my haircare stuff is all Conair, so when they asked me to try their garment steamer, I happily obliged!

I've tried a few steamers here and there for weddings I've participated in, but I'd never used one for my everyday clothes.  However, one of my friends is completely obsessed, so I figured I'd try it for myself.

Here's what arrived:

Awesome! Totally handheld and has a super long cord to plug into the wall.

It's got two settings, high and low which you use depending on the type of fabric you're trying to unwrinkle!  It also has a LOCK button!  That means you just put it in lock mode for continuous steam instead of holding the button the whole time.  Genius idea!  It also heats up and is ready to go in 60 seconds, which is way better than our old school iron.

It also came with three attachments:

A soft cushion brush, an attachment that makes creases, and a brush attachment!  I used the brush to get rid of some white fuzzies all over my black shirt.  The cushion brush is for your more delicate fabrics where you don't want the steam directly on the clothes.  And the creaser attachment...obviously makes creases in your slacks or shirts! 

Here are some before and after pics of the clothes I tried the ExtremeSteam with:

It worked the best on this 97% cotton blouse I had!  It wasn't super wrinkled before, but it had been washed and laid flat to dry.  Love!

This mostly cotton blouse had also been washed and laid flat to dry.  It was very, very wrinkled before and got most of the wrinkles out, and it took forevverrr to steam this and just didn't work as well as I'd hoped.  For a normal shirt this wrinkled in the future, I probably will stick with my normal iron.  It was hard to get the bottom of the shirt because I was holding on to it to pull it taut and I didn't want to burn myself with the steam.

This is an outfit that the ExtremeSteam was made for, I think!  It's a ladies suit and obviously I'm not going to take a normal iron to it since it's got intended creases on the skirt.  A normal iron just wouldn't work with all the folds of the fabric!  I wore this outfit to a job interview and I got the job!  Horray!  I start my new position 9/1 :)

So overall...great product!  I am psyched to use it to steam my curtains and tablecloths because I'm not wasting my time ironing those things! And it says on the website that it can kill dust mites and bedbugs, which is a plus (the site also has a great instructional video)!

I am really glad to have this for dresses and suits and such, but for my normal blouses that are super wrinkly, I'll stick with an iron.  I'll definitely be using this again for my silky non-ironable shirts :) Horray!

Have you ladies tried this product before?  Or ever used a steamer?  I'd recommend it!  Conair retails this product for $49.99 in stores and online!

Happy steaming,


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm aliveeee! With a new polish!

I've been a bad, bad blogger lately!

I'm so very sorry!  I've been so freakin' busy for the past month and a's been INSANE.  I've been out of town like 4 times and have had visitors twice and two bridal showers and bachelorette parties and a wedding this Saturday and a business trip all next week! Raaahhh!  Oh and I also accepted a new job!

WOooo so a whirlwind!

I've been slowly trying to remake more of my polishes! And I've got 5 new ones, hopefully six!  I'll be re-opening my shop sometime in August.  I've got a big order to fill first and a few more out of town things to take care of, so I'll have a better idea of WHEN after all that!  So stay tuned!

I've also got some sweet reviews for you ladies that should be out this week/weekend!

BUT for now, I'll sneak preview one of my new polishes: Ces-ium The Day!

Check her out:

Three coats alone, one over For Audrey

2 coats over For Audrey

Excess amounts of pictures, sorry!  Ces-ium The Day has fine aqua, green, and blue glitters along with some ultra fine holographic shimmer!  It's meant as a layering polish and in most of the pictures above I've got it over China Glaze For Audrey, a perfect combo if I do say so myself!

This one will be for sale in limited quantities when I open shop!

Stay tuned this week for some more reviews :)

<3 you ladies, thanks for sticking by me while my life goes crazy!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Why Hello There Super Bossa Nova!

So it came to my attention recently that I had not worn Essie's Super Bossa Nova!  This polish came out LAST summer with Braziliant (awesome orange!).  I had been wanting SBN for a while and finally decided to pick it up! 

Check out this beauty!

It's seriously a perfect pink.  I love it!  It has a flash of purple in it as well, you can kind of see in the bottle!   I have far too many pinks and was still excited to add this one to my collection!  Essie always has a decent formula and this one is no different.  It went on nicely in 1 coat, but I used 2 for these photos.  ONE COAT!  I can't describe enough how much I love one coat polishes.  If I wasn't so sloppy at painting my nails, I'd be able to actually use one coaters lol.

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!!  You all better be grilling out and swimming :)

<3 Whitney

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

Hey pretties!

I'm actually in the car on my way to visit my friends and family for the holiday! BUT I wanted to show you all real quick the mani I've got on for today...

I apologize in advance for the crap cell phone pictures :) My parents actually don't have power since a nasty storm went through last weekend, so all I've got is my phone for this update!

Anywho, I did a double ruffian using Color Club Trippie Hippie, Sinful Colors white cream, Sinful Colors Red Cadillac and I topped it with my independence day polish U.S.A-mericium!

Hope you all have a great holiday :)

Check it out!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Featuringggg HITS Hera!

Hey girls!

I've got another polish to show you that I swatched a while ago!  It's called Hera and it's from the HITS no Olimpo collection1  I bought HITS Hera and Zeus from Ninja Polish a while back and wore this beauty on the first sunny day! 

Hera is a beautiful holographic teal polish that applies perfectly in 2 coats!  I've had China Glaze DV8 on my wishlist for some time since I love teals, so when I was able to buy this I was ecstatic!  I've looked at comparison swatches for a while now and I think this one is way better!  I can't wait to try Zeus! 

Have you ladies tried any of the polishes from the no Olimpo collection? Get to Ninja Polish and buy them!

<3 Whitney

P.S. I hope you all have a great 4th of July!  I'm headed home for some quality family time ;)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sally Hansen HD Hi Res!

Good morning my loves!  Happy July!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I spent mine in KY helping my friend with her wedding planning!  She's getting married in September and it's a half Jewish half Indian wedding and I'm SUPER psyched about it! 

Anywho I thought I'd bust out a pretty bright pink for today!  I did this swatch a few weeks ago (hence the nubs) and was busy and never posted it!  I don't have a ton of Sally Hansen colors, but I was excited to get this in a swap package since I've been wanting to try her HD polishes!  This is Hi Res:

Hi Res is like a semi-metallicy pink, super bright and perfect for summer!  The formula was a little thin and runny but not unmanageable in the least!  Two coats could have been okay if you were in a rush, but I used 3 to be completely opaque with no VNL!  Based on the formula of this I don't know if I'd buy anymore of the HD polishes, but I'm glad I got this one because I love the color!

Have you tried any of the Sally Hansen HD polishes?  What'd you think!?