Friday, July 6, 2012

Why Hello There Super Bossa Nova!

So it came to my attention recently that I had not worn Essie's Super Bossa Nova!  This polish came out LAST summer with Braziliant (awesome orange!).  I had been wanting SBN for a while and finally decided to pick it up! 

Check out this beauty!

It's seriously a perfect pink.  I love it!  It has a flash of purple in it as well, you can kind of see in the bottle!   I have far too many pinks and was still excited to add this one to my collection!  Essie always has a decent formula and this one is no different.  It went on nicely in 1 coat, but I used 2 for these photos.  ONE COAT!  I can't describe enough how much I love one coat polishes.  If I wasn't so sloppy at painting my nails, I'd be able to actually use one coaters lol.

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!!  You all better be grilling out and swimming :)

<3 Whitney