Monday, July 30, 2012

Featuring Lime Crime: Les Desserts d'Antoinette Collection!

Hey girls!

I have a whole polish collection from a new-to-me brand called Lime Crime!  They were previously a makeup company, but they decided recently to dabble in nail polish!

The collection is called Les Desserts d'Antoinette, so all the polishes are dessert themed.  Check them out!

First up: Lavendairy

Lavendairy is a pretty pastel lavender polish!  It had a thinner formula--2 thick coats probably would've been okay but I used 3 for these pictures!  Honest to goodness, based on the frosty bottles, I assumed this whole collection would be matte polish (it's not).  The purple, however, is semi-matte and has a kind of streakier formula that you see a lot with mattes.  

The picture below shows Lavendairy by itself on the left and with a top coat on the right.

 Next: Pastelchio

Ignore my bumpy ring finger, I nicked it with a razor!
Pastelchio is a bright neon green!  Even though it says pastel in the name, and appears that way in the pictures, it's so pigmented and bright in person, I'd consider it a neon.  The formula for Pastelchio is thicker than Lavendairy, so I only needed two coats for it to be opaque! 

It's got a slightly matte-finish to it as well.  As you can see in the pic below, by itself on the left, and with top coat on the right.

Next up: Crema de Limón

I'm a sucker for yellows! Crema de Limón is a beautiful yellow pastel polish.  The formula is great, which I haven't found to be the case for other pastel yellows, and is shiny and not matte (horray!).  I used three thin coats for these pictures, but 2 thick probably would've been fine.  This one is probably my favorite!

My only concern with Crema de Limón is that it's a Spanish dessert...not French.  I'm not sure if someone just didn't do their research or what, but the name doesn't fit in with an Antoinette collection...

Next: Milky Ways

Milky Ways is a light pastel nude!  The formula was great, and like the others, 2 thick coats would be fine, but I used 3 thin!  It's not streaky at all, and it's got just enough shine to it.  The pictures are shown without top coats.  And maybe I'm boring, but I really love this color, it's probably my favorite next to Crema de Limón.

Next: Once in a Blue Mousse

Once in a Blue Mousse is a pretty Tiffany blue pastel not unlike China Glaze's For Audrey.  As a matter of fact, I swatched them side by side and For Audrey is only one shade darker than Once in a Blue Mousse.  The formula is great, though, and I only used 2 coats for full opacity!

Next: Parfait Day

Weee I love pinks, too!  Parfait Day is an opaque pastel pink!  It reminds me of Easter, actually.  It's not super shiny, but I wouldn't even get close to calling it semi-matte.  Only 2 coats were needed for full opacity. 

Last and not least: Peaches <3 Cream

Seriously, there's an actual heart in the name, hah!  Peaches <3 Cream is a beautiful peach pastel that applies opaque in 2 coats.  It was very pigmented, but I don't know how I feel about this one with my skin tone!  Overall, a pretty easy-to-use polish!

Okay so overall, I really liked this collection!  But here are some pros and cons!

Pros: Very pretty colors and the formulas on most of them are nice and go on opaque in just 2 coats!  They're also all 3-free!  I forgot to mention that the brush is flat and wide, which is a plus.  The brush was awesome! And the bottles are cute :)

Cons:  This collection is bizarre overall.  I feel like with the two semi-mattes and the green being more neon than pastel they just didn't all fit together.  Especially with the Spanish Crema de Limón name with the rest of them being French based?  This is also a collection I'd see better selling in the spring rather than mid-summer.  I probably would only wear one or two of these colors this time of year.  They also retail for $5.99 each and they're only 9 mL.

Bam!  So there you have it.  Pretty pastels and great formula, but maybe released the wrong time of year!  I'd definitely be willing to try more of Lime Crime polishes in the future based on the formula and the brush!

Have you ladies tried out Lime Crime yet?  Check them out here!

Let me know!



  1. This post makes me sad. I can't believe you would support a brand like this, with their history of stealing products and threatening bloggers.
    Try goggling limecrime lies / doe deere lies
    I know losing one reader probably means nothing to you but you've lost this one. Sorry.

    1. I'm sorry you feel that way. I don't blog nor care much for the drama associated with brands. I've also stayed out of all the indie polish drama as much as I can. I blog because I like doing it and I want to share my honest opinion about as many products as I can. When Lime Crime contacted me and asked to do a review I accepted, without knowing about some of the issues with their brand. My review is an honest opinion about what they sent me. Now that I've looked into it I see many of their issues were quite a few years ago and I definitely don't agree with or support what they did, but everyone deserves a chance to correct their mistakes. If you disagree with me posting a review about products from a company you don't like, unfollow away, because I don't need the drama.

  2. These colours are to die for! I adore the lime neon colour :-)

  3. Fabulous post Whitney! It's great to knwo that companies can have second chances when they get off to a rocky start and that people like you can show us beautiful swatches! Thanks for the post!

  4. Great swatches! I appreciate you posting these, regardless of what happened in the past. Which of course, should stay in the past. These colors are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks and I agree!! Everyone was lenient with many of the indie polish makers when they first started. A small company should be no different!

  5. I love the's so much! The neon green one is stunning.

  6. Gorgeous! I only wish they would start shipping these to Canada.

    1. Hopefully soon! They're in some stores in the US (not sure about Canada) so if you come down here maybe you can get ahold of them that way!

  7. Your nails look amazing and love these colors!


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