Saturday, July 28, 2012

New from Conair: ExtremeSteam!

So you all should know I love me some Conair products!  Most of my haircare stuff is all Conair, so when they asked me to try their garment steamer, I happily obliged!

I've tried a few steamers here and there for weddings I've participated in, but I'd never used one for my everyday clothes.  However, one of my friends is completely obsessed, so I figured I'd try it for myself.

Here's what arrived:

Awesome! Totally handheld and has a super long cord to plug into the wall.

It's got two settings, high and low which you use depending on the type of fabric you're trying to unwrinkle!  It also has a LOCK button!  That means you just put it in lock mode for continuous steam instead of holding the button the whole time.  Genius idea!  It also heats up and is ready to go in 60 seconds, which is way better than our old school iron.

It also came with three attachments:

A soft cushion brush, an attachment that makes creases, and a brush attachment!  I used the brush to get rid of some white fuzzies all over my black shirt.  The cushion brush is for your more delicate fabrics where you don't want the steam directly on the clothes.  And the creaser attachment...obviously makes creases in your slacks or shirts! 

Here are some before and after pics of the clothes I tried the ExtremeSteam with:

It worked the best on this 97% cotton blouse I had!  It wasn't super wrinkled before, but it had been washed and laid flat to dry.  Love!

This mostly cotton blouse had also been washed and laid flat to dry.  It was very, very wrinkled before and got most of the wrinkles out, and it took forevverrr to steam this and just didn't work as well as I'd hoped.  For a normal shirt this wrinkled in the future, I probably will stick with my normal iron.  It was hard to get the bottom of the shirt because I was holding on to it to pull it taut and I didn't want to burn myself with the steam.

This is an outfit that the ExtremeSteam was made for, I think!  It's a ladies suit and obviously I'm not going to take a normal iron to it since it's got intended creases on the skirt.  A normal iron just wouldn't work with all the folds of the fabric!  I wore this outfit to a job interview and I got the job!  Horray!  I start my new position 9/1 :)

So overall...great product!  I am psyched to use it to steam my curtains and tablecloths because I'm not wasting my time ironing those things! And it says on the website that it can kill dust mites and bedbugs, which is a plus (the site also has a great instructional video)!

I am really glad to have this for dresses and suits and such, but for my normal blouses that are super wrinkly, I'll stick with an iron.  I'll definitely be using this again for my silky non-ironable shirts :) Horray!

Have you ladies tried this product before?  Or ever used a steamer?  I'd recommend it!  Conair retails this product for $49.99 in stores and online!

Happy steaming,