Friday, April 20, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! 500 Follower Giveaway Winner!

Hellllllllo ladies!  Holy moly!  I had 1200+ entries to my giveaway!  I have done nothing but validate entries all week long, hahaha. 

I finally have a winner! picked number 757 out of the hat for me and here is the winner:

Congratulations KIRSTEN from Geeky Owl!!  Her blog is super cute, check her out!

Yahoo!  She has 48 hours to respond to my e-mail otherwise another winner will be chosen.

Stay tuned, I will have a few more giveaways here in the future ;)

<3 Whitney

Thanks to everyone who entered! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here is a Pretty Summer Peach: Zoya LC!

I love Zoya.  And I love when they have sales with free shipping, haha!  I picked up Zoya LC when they had their Valentine's Day Sale along with Ivanka and Charla!  I'm waiting to see if they have another Earth Day Promotion, it was awesome last year!

Check this beauty out:

I normally don't wear reds, but LC has just enough pink in it for me to love it.  I was slightly disappointed with the formula, though.  It just was a bit thicker than Zoya's normal formula, but still went on nicely in 2 coats.  I don't have many of their creams, but from what I can tell, their formula isn't super consistent.  LC was thick, Pippa was kind of runny, but Whitney was pretty good ;) But I may be biased for that one, haha.

Have you guys tried LC? Or any of the other ones from the "Hills" collection? 

<3 Whitney

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm so flyyyy! OPI Fly + Pretty and Polished GBF

Hey ladiessss!  I've got some pretty polishes to show you today!  

First up, from the OPI Nicki Minaj Collection: Fly!

Fly is a pretty bright teal that I loved as soon as I saw it in the promos!  It took me a while to get it, but I finally did and it is great:

I really had a hard time capturing the actual color of this polish!  In these pictures it looks more robin egg's blue, but it's really darker and more teal.  Overall, I really liked the color in person much better than in these photos!  The formula was thin, but pigmented and provided full coverage in only 2 coats.  I couldn't tell what kind of polish this's like a jelly/cream hybrid.  Very interesting!

This was the only polish I picked up from the Nicki Minaj collection, but I wouldn't mind having the purple crackle :)

After wearing this for a while, I decided to try out Pretty and Polished's GBF, a pretty silver flakie layering polish:

This is super pretty!  I feel like it'd go over any polish and look good!  It had a really good formula, but I had to fish around for the flakies a bit!  I think if I had a full size bottle it would've been easier, though :)  Inside GBF are various sized holographic silver glitters and shards!  Have you guys gotten a chance to try any of Chelsea's polishes?  They are fab!

Did you guys get any of the Nicki Minaj polishes??

<3 Whitney

Monday, April 16, 2012

Shop is Open!

Hey pretties!  Just to let you know my Etsy shop is open and running!

This will be my last stocking for a few weeks, I think, I've got to re-evaluate my supplies and hope the base situation gets worked out :/

Enjoy, though!

<3 Whitney

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly!

Holy Moly guys!  I have SO many entries in my giveaway!  Thanks so much for helping my celebrate my blog-oversary, I can't believe I'm still going strong after a year!  Your support has been awesome :)

Anywho, I'll be totaling the entries up for QUITE some time, hopefully by this weekend I can have a winner announced!  I'm adding some extras in with the prizes, so stay tuned! 

I'm sorry, by the way, for not posting for a few days up until the end.  I have been SUPER busy and this weekend we had FIVE guests come stay with us!  It was great!  I've got some good polishes to show you guys in the next few posts, too!

But for today, here is Glitter Gal's Lizard Belly!

Inside lighting

Bam!  I was excited when I found out Ninja Polish carried Glitter Gal, 'cause I've been seeing these awesome holographic polishes on other blogs and I WANTED them!  I got my hands on three: Lizard Belly and 10 to Midnight and Silver Turbulence.  I've only tried this one, because it looked awesome in photos! 

This polish went on great for a holo!  Sometimes they are streaky but this one wasn't really and went on fine in two coats!  Lizard Belly is a dark green/teal/charcoal holo (depending on the way you're looking at it), and it looks awesome outside as well as in the sun.  I wish my pictures had turned out a little better, but my camera just refused to capture the holo! 

Have you guys tried Glitter Gal?  I'm psyched to try their other holos, especially now since it's still sunny when I get home from work and I've got time to take some sweet photos :)

<3 Whitney

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nerdlacquer Hyperspace Bypass!

So have you guys heard of Ninja Polish yet!?  I mentioned it a while ago, but if you missed it, Ninja Polish is a fabulous website owned by two of my polish friends that sells foreign and indie polishes at super reasonable prices!  It's my new favorite website, no joke!

This is where I picked up Nerdlacquer Hyperspace Bypass.  Now, I'm usually behind on all the trends so I hadn't tried Nerdlacquer before this, and since I love yellow I thought I'd check it out!

Lookie lookie!

Inside lighting

zoom zoom

Honest to goodness this is probably the ugliest polish I own and I think that's why I like it so much haha.  It's more greenish-yellow than I expected, but it's really grown on me while I've worn it all day! 

It's so strange and unique and I really like the different size large iridescent hex glitters and the black glitter just adds to the weirdness :) Not to mention the nerd name, love that, too! 

I really liked the formula on this polish, I was actually quite surprised!  It wasn't too thick and went on great in just two coats!  I'd definitely order more from Nerd Lacquer, there's a few on my wishlist now :)  Unfortunately (for me), she's gotten so popular as of late that her stuff doesn't stay in stock for long! 

Do you guys own any Nerdlacquer polishes?!

<3 Whitney

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pure Ice Crackle Duo!

Gooood morning my pretties!  I hope you all had a good Easter holiday weekend!  I know I did, I got to go home and see my family, it was great :)

I've got a cool polish duo for you today that I was sent to review!  It's a polish + crackle duo from Pure Ice called Pure Ice Lightning Crackle Duo!

First up is the base polish, a lovely, but unnamed, green duochrome/metallic! 

I was really surprised with the formula of Pure Ice, which I hadn't tried before.  Sometimes the cheaper drug store brand polishes have crap formulas, but this one was actually good!  It went on opaque in two coats (but I used three for pictures), and was actually very pretty.   I love the dark green and it's got an ever-so-slight duochrome to it and sometimes looks quite teal.  Overall, very pretty!

On top I layered the lightning crackle:

This polish cracked quite easily, but I wish that it cracked...larger cracks so you could see the green a little more!  I think the silver kind of overpowers the pretty green! Maybe thinner coats could correct this problem, though, it'd been a while since I used a crackle polish!

However, I really do like the look of silver crackle.  I never received the OPI Silver Shatter that I won in someone's giveaway (bummer!), so I was kind of psyched to try this.  I think it'd look great over other colors as well!

Have you guys tried any of the Pure Ice polish duos?  I haven't seen them in stores, but then again, I haven't been in Walmart for a while--and to my knowledge, that's the only place they sell Pure Ice!  Correct me if I'm wrong, though, ladies :)

Hope you enjoyed!

<3 Whitney

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holy Holo, Batman! BK Holographic Polishes!

Today I've got two AWESOME holographic polishes to show you ladies.  I apologize severely for the amount of pictures :) They just don't do it justice!

The two polishes I've got to show you are BK Holos, I swapped with a girl in Hong Kong to get them and despite them being minis, I love love love them!

First, check out BK Holo #5 (pink):

Wowsers!!!  This is such a great polish, I am so glad I got my hands on it!  The formula is a little thin, not unlike other holographics, but it went on opaque in two coats.  It was a little hard to apply with the tiny brush, but I managed all right I think.  I am so drawn to pink holographic polishes that I have quite a few now, I'll have to do a comparison with some of the other pink holos available in the U.S. later!

Next: BK Holo #20 (black):

Ahhh!  Love this! Now, I haven't been able to get my hands on a holographic My Private Jet, but I've seen swatches and I imagine this is better :)  I may be biased, though!  The formula for #20 is the same as #5, a little thin, but it went on in two coats as well.  In the sun it's just AWESOME.  Wow!  Seriously, zoom in on some of those pictures and you'll see what I mean! 

I wish I had larger bottles of these--do any of my international ladies know if they make them in bigger bottles?  I need more!!!

Have you guys heard of or tried BK holos before?? Let me know!

<3 Whitney

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Orange, It's Obvious!!

Sooo if you followed me last summer you should know that my favorite color polish to bust out when it's sunny is ORANGE!  I became a bit obsessed with it last year and ended up buying a ton of orange polishes, so I was super psyched that orange was part of Essie's spring collection! 

Check out Orange, It's Obvious!

Orange It's Obvious is a very saturated, bright orange cream.  I love the Essie formula and brush, it's never been runny for me and is always super easy to apply, this polish not being any different!  If you zoom in on the pictures you can see that in the bottle it's slightly more neon than it appears on the nail--it dries just a shade darker, which is okay. 

Overall, I loved it--Orange It's Obvious is opaque in two coats and is a perfect bright orange I'm going to save for summer, rather than spring!  You can tell it'd look better with a tan rather than my pasty white hands :) So give me a few more months of laying out and I'll be wearing this again!

Did you ladies get any polishes from Essie's new spring line?

<3 Whitney

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CG Capitol Colors Part 2

Now that the Hunger Games movie is out and getting rave reviews, I thought I'd review a few more of the China Glaze Capitol Colors polishes!  Today I've got for you Electrify, Smoke and Ashes, Luxe and Lush, and Stone Cold.  My mom picked me up a Riveting a while ago, too, but I haven't got it from her yet :( So that's in a future post! 

First: Electrify

Electrify is a clear based polish packed with fine gold and red glitter.  It's dense enough for you to get pretty much full coverage in three coats (as seen above), but would still look great layered over a difference color.  I liked the formula on this one--despite it being packed with glitter, it applied well.

Next: Smoke and Ashes

Smoke and Ashes a dark shimmery black polish with just the slightest hint of greenish blue undertones.  This polish applied quite well in two coats.  I love that in the light you can see the flecks of blue and green in the shimmer.  It's a unique enough of a black for me to wear again :)

Next: Luxe and Lush

Luxe and Lush is a gorgeous rainbow flakie top coat.  Within the milky clear polish are flakies of gold, green, pink, and blue, which I think would look great paired with nearly any color.  They apply decently well, but I believe my pictures show two coats since I really wanted a BAM in your face picture of the flakies.  In the pictures L&L is layered over Smoke and Ashes!

Lastly: Stone Cold!

Stone Cold is the only matte polish in this collection and I like it a lot.  Since mattes dry quickly, you have to apply them quickly and carefully. I don't do the best polishing job right off the bat so my pictures show Stone Cold with two thin coats.  It very much looks like rocks, which suits the name, and represents the masonry district (District 2) in the Hunger Games books!  The last picture shows Stone Cold layered with one coat of Electrify on two nails and one coat of Luxe and Lush on the other two!

SO! Did you guys like these polishes?  Have you seen the movie or read the books?  I think the books is in my top three favorite series of books, ever! 

<3 Whitney

PS I want to thank all my readers for your support of my polish making addiction and Etsy store!  I really appreciate your business :)