Thursday, April 5, 2012

Orange, It's Obvious!!

Sooo if you followed me last summer you should know that my favorite color polish to bust out when it's sunny is ORANGE!  I became a bit obsessed with it last year and ended up buying a ton of orange polishes, so I was super psyched that orange was part of Essie's spring collection! 

Check out Orange, It's Obvious!

Orange It's Obvious is a very saturated, bright orange cream.  I love the Essie formula and brush, it's never been runny for me and is always super easy to apply, this polish not being any different!  If you zoom in on the pictures you can see that in the bottle it's slightly more neon than it appears on the nail--it dries just a shade darker, which is okay. 

Overall, I loved it--Orange It's Obvious is opaque in two coats and is a perfect bright orange I'm going to save for summer, rather than spring!  You can tell it'd look better with a tan rather than my pasty white hands :) So give me a few more months of laying out and I'll be wearing this again!

Did you ladies get any polishes from Essie's new spring line?

<3 Whitney