Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CG Capitol Colors Part 2

Now that the Hunger Games movie is out and getting rave reviews, I thought I'd review a few more of the China Glaze Capitol Colors polishes!  Today I've got for you Electrify, Smoke and Ashes, Luxe and Lush, and Stone Cold.  My mom picked me up a Riveting a while ago, too, but I haven't got it from her yet :( So that's in a future post! 

First: Electrify

Electrify is a clear based polish packed with fine gold and red glitter.  It's dense enough for you to get pretty much full coverage in three coats (as seen above), but would still look great layered over a difference color.  I liked the formula on this one--despite it being packed with glitter, it applied well.

Next: Smoke and Ashes

Smoke and Ashes a dark shimmery black polish with just the slightest hint of greenish blue undertones.  This polish applied quite well in two coats.  I love that in the light you can see the flecks of blue and green in the shimmer.  It's a unique enough of a black for me to wear again :)

Next: Luxe and Lush

Luxe and Lush is a gorgeous rainbow flakie top coat.  Within the milky clear polish are flakies of gold, green, pink, and blue, which I think would look great paired with nearly any color.  They apply decently well, but I believe my pictures show two coats since I really wanted a BAM in your face picture of the flakies.  In the pictures L&L is layered over Smoke and Ashes!

Lastly: Stone Cold!

Stone Cold is the only matte polish in this collection and I like it a lot.  Since mattes dry quickly, you have to apply them quickly and carefully. I don't do the best polishing job right off the bat so my pictures show Stone Cold with two thin coats.  It very much looks like rocks, which suits the name, and represents the masonry district (District 2) in the Hunger Games books!  The last picture shows Stone Cold layered with one coat of Electrify on two nails and one coat of Luxe and Lush on the other two!

SO! Did you guys like these polishes?  Have you seen the movie or read the books?  I think the books is in my top three favorite series of books, ever! 

<3 Whitney

PS I want to thank all my readers for your support of my polish making addiction and Etsy store!  I really appreciate your business :)