Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nail fail? Butter London The Black Knight + Tart with a Heart

Hello girls :) It's been a while!

I've been super busy with wedding planning and traveling back home that I have neglected my blog!  Well hopefully since I'm on a roll with the planning and I've finished up frankening, I'll have more time for it again :D

Today I've got a semi-nail fail to show you!  I fell in love last December when Scrangie blogged about the Holiday Dressing Table collection from Butter London.  I. Had. To. Have. It.

I didn't get around to purchasing until earlier this summer and The Black Knight is just NOT a summer color so I stashed it away.  (I did use Tart with a Heart over some other polishes, though...LOVE).

Anywho, I decided since it's now fall to bust out this combo!  Here are the shots (Sorry I don't have any shots of either polish alone...this is just the combo!):

I do not know what happened between last year and this year, because I loved The Black Knight + Tart with a Heart when I first saw swatches....but after application? Blech.  I took it off right away!

I haven't given up all hope.  I've convinced myself that the combination of the purple undertones of The Black Knight plus the green undertones of Tart with a Heart plus my skintone and longer nails just resulted in me kind of hating it.

Now don't get me wrong, they both applied great!  I used two coats of The Black Knight and one coat of Tart with a Heart topped with Seche Vite--they went on smooth just like all BL polishes!  I think with how long my nails are and how pale my skin is, I just felt like it looked witchy!  If I was going for that Halloween look I would've kept it on :)  But sadly, I'm not.

I think I'll save The Black Knight for shorter nails...or maybe mid-winter, when it'd work better! 

Did you girls pick this combo up when it came out last year?  What'd you think?

<3 Whitney