Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elemental Styles' Alkali Metals Collection! NEW!

Helllllllo lovelies!

I've got some SUPER exciting news for you all!  I'm ENGAGED!!!

Mani: Color Club Overboard ;)
Weeee! I'm so freakin' excited :)  It happened last night and it was very sweet!

BUT let's turn our attention to my lack of blogging....

I've been QUITE the busy bee lately getting things ready for my store opening and it occurred to me that I hadn't shown you lovely ladies the rest of my NEW Alkali Metals collection!  I'll get better swatches soon, but for now you'll have to deal with bottle shots and nail wheels :)

First up: I'm So-dium Into You

I'm So-dium Into You is named after the 11th element: sodium.  Sodium is (obviously) the main ingredient in table salt, and I LOVE white layering polishes, so I knew that's what I wanted this one to be.  This polish is just a clear base with various sized white hex glitter along with white bar glitters.  It's pretty dense and the pictures on the nail wheels show 2 coats of I'm So-dium Into You over red and black.

Next: Shake That Pot-ass-ium  

Shake That Pot-ass-ium is a pretty light pink based polish with a kick of some holographic pink and silver glitters along with white hexes.  It's named after the 19th element, potassium!  I don't have any good pictures of this one on, which is unfortunate because it's quite pretty!  There is a nail-wheel shot at the bottom, so scroll down and check this one out!

Next: Rubidium Cube

Rubidium Cube is a clear polish filled with fine green, yellow, and white hex glitters that all together give it a neon green look!  It's meant as a layering polish, but can be worn alone in 3 coats!  Neon green is so 80's and so are Rubix cubes, which is how I got the name for this polish!  Rubidium is the 37th element.  There is a better nail wheel swatch of Rubidium Cube on it's own down at the bottom!

Next: Ces-ium The Day

Needless to say, Ces-ium the Day is my favorite polish in this collection!  I've already reviewed this one in it's own post here. Ces-ium The Day has fine aqua, green, and blue glitters along with some ultra fine holographic shimmer!  It's meant as a layering polish and in most of the pictures above I've got it over China Glaze For Audrey, a perfect combo if I do say so myself!

Lastly: I see London, I see France-ium

left: 3 coats alone, right: 1 coat over white

I see London, I see France-ium is a muted neon orange glitter!  I don't know if that's an oxymoron or not, hah!  But regardless, this polish has neon orange and iridescent hex glitters that make it a pretty summer polish!  It's better worn as a layering polish, but you can wear it alone in 3-4 coats.  It is named for, francium the 87th element!

Here are some nail wheel swatches of the collection!
Ces-ium the Day alone and over For Audrey, I see London I see France-ium alone and over white, Rubidium Cube, Shake that Pot-ass-ium, and I'm So-dium Into You alone and over red

Rubidium Cube and Shake that Pot-ass-ium!

Wee!  I hope you enjoyed my new collection!   It will be for sale TODAY, Sunday, August 19th at noon EST in my etsy shop!  So don't forget to stop by and check it out!

<3 Whitney