Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm BACK! With a CND review and a giveaway update!

Helllllo lovelies!

I am officially back from my 3 week hiatus!  Sorry about that--moving was a complete disaster (Not to mention that I broke 7 of 10 nails and now I have nubbins)!  It was so hectic and there were lots of miscommunications...then I took a vacation and started my new job! 

The job has long hours...I work four 10 hour days so I'm trying to adjust.  We'll see if I can even get out a blog post or two during the week.  I should be back on the weekends though :)

First announcement I have is that I'm extending my Apothica Giftcard Giveaway another week until 8/22.  I haven't been around to remind you, so I thought that would be best!  Not a ton of people have entered so you have a good chance of winning $25!  Since I'm all settled in now to my new place I'm going to start ordering from there :)  There's lots of things I want!

Anyway next I've got a review of CND's Tropic Coral for you all that I did right before I moved.  Sorry for taking so long to update!  Here are some pictures first:

You can see on the bottle where it had leaked during shipping :/

Soooo you all should know by now that I like corals, haha.  I just think they go great with any skin tone!

But anyway, this was my first CND polish that was sent to me for review.  It's a pretty coral cream that needed 3 coats (if I remember correctly) for complete coverage. 

I had some issues with the formula--it ended up being quite thick and hard to put on with a little bubbling but I'm almost positive that this was because this poor sample sat in my mailbox in 95 degree heat for quite a few days while we were out of town :(  It was also not sealed too great and had leaked in it's packaging which I'm sure was a big contributor as well.  I need to pick up some thinner and test it again because it's a beautiful color!  The other polish that I received from them did not have the same formula problem, so I'm pretty positive it was the heat that thickened this beauty up! 

Anyhow, I think this color is beautiful but not super unique and may be a dupe for the polish I just received from Barielle's Summer 2011 Karma Kollection called Gotta Have Fate!  The pictures look pretty similar, so when I can thin out Tropic Coral, I'll compare the two! 

Wellllllllll thanks for sticking with me during my time away!  I hope to get in a schedule again of updating, so bear with me for a while :)

<3 Whitney