Monday, August 22, 2011

Last day to enter my Giveaway!!

Oh my gosh, I JUST noticed what day it was!

It is the LAST day to enter my Apothica giftcard giveaway!!  You guys should definitely go enter!  I just ordered a bunch of stuff off Apothica (some of it was on sale!) and I'm super pumped to get my stuff!

Anywho, sorry I've been MIA again for a week.  I'm still working on unpacking and getting things all pretty for when the BF gets back from his vacation! 

I've taken a few pictures of my I potentially have three entries I just haven't posted yet.  Sorrry.  I'll get back into this stuff when I get the hang of my work schedule.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I cooked for the rest of the week (through Thursday, at least) so I should have time tomorrow after work :)

Love you all, thanks for sticking with me!

<3 Whitney