Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zoya "Jem" from new Smoke and Mirrors Collection!

Oooh dear.  SO I've been meaning to post, oh I don't know, maybe like 5 different polishes I've taken pictures of during my moving/unpacking process, but I just haven't got around to it!  Sorry! 

I have been sent some Barielle polishes to review...but I still have one left and I'd like to do them all at once.  So then I was going to update with one of my new fav polishes, Zoya Whitney (biased much? hah), but I tried Zoya Jem today from their Smoke and Mirrors Collection and it's so fabulous that I want to show you all NOW! 

Soooo excuse me for the amount of pictures...they are all kind of similar but I wanted to show you guys all the color you can see in this fabulous dark purple.

Love love love.

I've been having great luck with Zoya.  I took advantage of their buy one get two free...even though shipping costs the same as a polish.  I've been wanting Whitney and another Kimmy, so I thought I'd try this as well!

Anywho, this lovely, what I would call duochrome, went on great in 2 coats and could be a 1 coater if you're in a rush.  It shows a lovely array of purples, reds, and bronzes in the sun light and it looks decent on my nubbin nails.  I've broken a bunch during moving and unpacking, which is a bummer, but with a little cuticle TLC they look a bit better already. 

The only downside was that since I'm not used to wearing darker colors I thought I'd be able to clean up quickly after slapping it on--but even with acetone it turned my skin a little purple.  I'm assuming it'll wash off, though!

Wooo so have any of you guys tried the Smoke and Mirrors collection?  I haven't found any place around here who sells Zoya (no Ultas, sad story!) so I probably won't be ordering any unless they have a really great promo :)

Okay, hopefully I can update more this week now that my photos are edited!  Hope you all are greaaat!

<3 Whitney