Monday, January 23, 2012


So I still haven't got an e-mail response from my giveaway winner katiebug!  Girl, send me your address!  :)

BUT that's not what this update is about.  I want to show you ladies a fraken polish I made recently that I like a lot!  I've been frankening up a storm, which is why I haven't updated lately. 

So here's the big surprise: I'm making element themed polishes!  Hopefully when I get things worked out I'll put them on Etsy.  I've got a decent amount made and I'm super excited about the nerdiness of them all ;)

Here's a preview of one!  It's called "Co-Balt of Lightning" :

Co-balt of Lightning is a duochrome polish that changes from teal to blue to navy to purple depending on the lighting.  All of the pictures shown above are with one coat of polish over black in window lighting.  It goes on pretty smooth and one coat is definitely all you need over a dark polish!  You may need to zoom in to see all the colors, I just couldn't capture them with my camera!

So what do you ladies think?

I'll probably give some away to bloggers in the future to review!  But in the mean time, I'm having a hard time coming up with names!

So here's what I'm going to do.  For each franken post I do I'll list a couple of elements that I don't have names for, and if you think of a name, send me an e-mail (, and if I choose the name you thought of, I'll send you a bottle of the franken when I make it!  Here are a few elements I'm struggling with:

22 - Titanium
31 - Gallium
38 - Strontium
48 - Cadmium
64 - Gadolinium
88 - Radium

Thanks ladies :)

<3 Whitney