Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finger Paints Flakies!!

Helllllo lovelies!

Sorry it's been a while!  I had all those posts set up for the holidays when I'd be out of town and ended up being busy for much longer than that!  Anywhoooo I've still been painting my nails and taking pictures, so I've got quite a few to show you! 

I'll start with the most recent, because I know lots of people are talking about and searching for the new Finger Paints flakie polishes!  And if you're not, you should be because they are awesome! 

My Sally's had all of them when I went up there this weekend, but as I had forgotten my coupons and I wasn't sure if I'd like them or not, I only picked up the two that I liked the most from swatches: Motley and Flecked.  Oh and the black that came with them: Black Expressionism.  Surprisingly I didn't have a black cream, gasp!  I know, I know...but I never liked dark colors before.  But this one, is GREAT!  I mean, it IS black, but I was still surprised to see that it covered perfectly in one coat.  BUT, since dark polishes are a little unforgiving and I'm a little sloppy, so I put on two coats to cover up parts of the nail I missed.   

First up, Motley:

I had to file my nails down :(

Oooh you don't notice how poor your clean up was until you check out a close up pic :)

Holy moly Motley is a beauty!  It's a beautiful purpley blue-to-green flakie that looks awesome when it catches the light!  It seems super royal blue to me, but I've heard it being called purple before, what do you think?  I love the blue to teal to green transition, it matches my house haha.  It goes on a little sparse for my taste, so this is two coats!

Okay so after I took my time cleaning up black and swatching Motley, no part of me wanted to take it off and swatch Flecked.  I didn't think it'd hold a candle to Motley!  SO I just decided to add a coat of Flecked on top of Motley and BAM! It's awesome:

Wooo!  I love this combination.  Flecked on it's own is a bright teal-to-green flakie and since both Motley and Flecked have the teal/green in them, I thought they'd look great together and I was right!  Flecked is a bit more dense than Motley so I only put one coat on for this look.  Together it's like all the colors of the sea came together on my nail.  In the sun the green from Flecked catches and shines pretty brilliantly.  I think they'd look great over a dark blue or dusty teal polish, as well!  I'll have to try that in the future.

My wallet desperately wants me to resist buying the rest of these Finger Paints flakies, but we'll see what I decide in the future :) 

Have you guys tried these? Do you love them?!

<3 Whitney