Thursday, December 29, 2011

Funky Fingers Teal Scales!

Okay. So.  I was bored with crackle polishes for a while, but I have a new love!

And it is called Teal Scales!  I'm bummed because I bought this the day after Thanksgiving and went back to look for another bottle last week and they had no more!  I haven't been to the other Five Below, yet, so I guess I'll have to check that out sometime soon!

I first added two coats of OPI Designer de Better and then one coat of Teal Scales, beautiful!  I wish my pictures showed the full effects of this awesome polish.  The BF said it looked like dragon skin, hah.

Wee it's a beautiful combination of a shimmer metallic teal that transitions from blue to green in certain lighting.  I love it!  I need to think of some better polish combinations to show off it's beauty better--anyone have any good ideas?!

Have a great new year!  Hopefully I'll be able to post again before then :)

<3 Whitney