Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Holiday Nail Art! Snowflakes!

Remember Funky Finger Sound Check???

I used it as a base for my first holiday manicure with snowflakes!

I wish I'd had a nail art pen...or better yet, a stamping plate with snowflakes, but I tried anyway and regardless of it's sloppiness, it turned out so sparkly I barely notice:

It's so shiny in person!  I used Funky Fingers Sound Check as a base (since it's awesome), then I used a white nail art polish for the snowflakes and dots!

Then I added some glitter chunks here and there using Color Clubs Orna-Minted (and it smells like mint, yum!).  Then for some added sparkle I added a holographic top coat I have from Northern Lights (not pictured).

Overall I think it turned out okay for free hand!  Snowflakes are hard!

What do you think? Have you ladies tried snowflakes before??

<3 Whit