Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fall Nail Art!

First of all: Weeeee 400+ followers!!  Horray!  If I didn't already have a giveaway going on, I'd do another!

Well that reminds me, actually...I will be having another giveaway after this one.  It will be small, but who doesn't like free stuff despite the size? :)

And second: I know.

I suck.  It's been 2 weeks!  I was going so strong for that one week there!  I'm sorry guys.  Work goes in and out of being super stressful and I just don't have it in me after working 10 hours to do my nails.  Not to mention the past few weekends the BF and I have actually had stuff to do :)  And by that I mean the new Legend of Zelda game came out and I've ignored my nails to play video games...

Anywho I just wanted to pop in real quick and show you two nail art projects I've done (semi) recently!

The first one was of my Thanksgiving nails!  I was inspired by the turkeys you used to draw as a kid by tracing your hand:

Let's try and ignore my cuticle's not even my's crust left over from my Posche.  Stupid fast dry top coat!

For this mani I used (thumb to pinky): CG Happy Go Lucky Base, CG Papaya Punch, Essie Brazilliant, OPI Animal-istic + ORLY Ma Cherie (Couldn't decide haha), and OPI Pepe's Purple Passion.

For the turkey I used OPI Warm and Fozzie (<3) and a combo of the other colors used on the other nails.  For the eyes I actually used some sort of calcium base polish that I had with me...I didn't have any white or light polishes with me when I went home to my parents, haha!  Yay for creepy turkeys. 

And more recently (like...yesterday), I decided to try these cute owl nails that I initially saw done by Cristina at Let Them Have Polish who was inspired by Sarah at Chalkboard Nails (Also sort of inspired by Cindy Blogs Nails hahaha).  Let all of the gorgeous bloggers get some credit for this cute idea :)

All of their owls were cute and colorful...but once I tried Warm and Fozzie I knew it'd look great!  It's such a pretty color, I wish I'd used it sooner before it turned all cold and wintery.

With flash
Some of their eyeballs turned out wonky (you should see my right hand...or maybe you shouldn't...), but I still think they're cute nonetheless.  I had terrible shrinkage from my top coat (Poshe), which bums me out 'cause I wanted to wear this for a while....maybe I'll fill it in and pretend it was never there.  Anywho...I love this idea because I love owls!  

Here's the polishes I used:

OPI Warm & Fozzie, Funky Fingers Cayman Island, Zoya Tangy, CG Happy Go Lucky, Art Club Red, and a nail art pen in black!  

Obviously I used Warm and Fozzie as the base...the only thing I used the FF for was the belly...Tangy wasn't opaque enough to go over the brown so I had to put that on first.  The rest you should be able to figure out :)

Initially I tried to use little round dot stickers that I had to get the half-moon shape but they were kind of thick and it didn't really work out for me so well.  I had to fill in the owl "horns" a bit.  I wanted some of the hole-reinforcer stickers but they didn't have those where I went.  I think they're thinner and more pliable, which should work better (or so I hear).

I have very little patience with nail art so I'm surprised at both of these!

Hope you enjoyed...I'll be back soon (this weekend) with some great reviews I have planned! 

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<3 Whitney