Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pink Wednesday! DS Couture!

I haven't done Pink Wednesday in forever!

Sorry to all my other PW ladies...I just get so caught up with work, I'm lucky if I can blog at all!  It happened that I had time to review a new pink polish TODAY for Pink Wednesday!  Weee!

This is another DS polish I picked up at my favorite dusty salon!  It's called DS Couture and it's got a subtle, beautiful holo to it!

I really like this!  I'm so glad I found it and could add it to my DS collection :)  The lid looks like they had spilled nail polish remover on it or something...but that's okay!  I think since the lid was messed up was the reason it was marked to $4!  It was pretty full.  Anywho it went on smooth in three coats and has a subtle pink linear holo to it.

I don't know why I'm so drawn to pink holos!  I think that's what most of my holo polishes are.  I only have 2 or 3 other colors, hah!

Anyway--have you guys seen this polish before, or own it yourselves?  I'm in love!

Well I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!  I'll be back home in Ohio for a few days so I doubt there will be any more updates this week!

So catch you guys later, don't forget to check out the blog sale and my giveaway!

<3 Whitney