Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ORLY Holiday Soiree Collection Swatches! **Picture Heavy**

Sorry for the lack of updates again!  I've been busy the past two weekends, I had to go home to Ohio, but I'm sick today so I have time to update, hah ;)

I'm taking a mini-break from my 31-day challenge and I'm going to show you the entire ORLY Holiday Soiree collection!  I've picked up a lot of polish and make-up the past two weekends, I'll show you all the hauls tomorrow, but for now, onto the ORLY's!

First up: Ingenue. 

Ingenue is a pink polish with some severe gold shimmer!  I needed three coats for this polish to be as opaque as I wanted.  It looks GREAT in the sun, but I feel like its a complete dupe of Zoya Faye.  So I'd say if you have Faye, pass on Ingenue.  I'll plan for a side-by-side comparison in the future :)

Next up: Le Chateau.

Le Chateau is a dark, dark blue-ish green jelly.  It goes on pretty dense, so only two coats were needed to be opaque.  I feel like it's TOO dark and very much looks black, even in the sunlight.  I liked the formula a lot, though!

Next up: Au Champagne.

Au Champagne is a shimmery white polish that looks frosty without the streakiness of a typical frost.  I think this color is fantastic.  White nails were all the rage this summer, so I think the tint of creamy shimmer added to this polish is perfect for the changing seasons!  I used three coats in these pictures.

Next: Oui.

Oui looks very similar to Ingenue in the bottle, however on the nail it's much different!  It's very obviously a dark purple, especially in the sun, but it's also packed with a gold shimmer!  I got away with only two coats of this polish, and I LOVE it!  I wore it recently for a wedding I was in and got a lot of comments on it.

Next up: Ma Cherie

Ma Cherie is a typical bright red jelly polish.  I loved how easy it went on, but it took three coats to be opaque and even then you could see my nail lines sometimes in the sun.  It's not super original, but I don't have a red as bright as this one in my collection, so I was happy to pick it up with the rest of the collection.  What's a holiday collection without a red, right?  My only issue with Ma Cherie was that it stained really bad when I took it off.  I even tried the glitter tin-foil/cotton-ball remover technique with no avail.

Last and certainly not least: Androgynie.

Androgynie is by far my favorite polish in the entire collection.  It's a beautiful black jelly with silver mini glitter and large, blue, green, and yellow hex glitter.  I love love love it.  It's a perfect winter polish with just enough glitter to make you excited to wear it!  I only needed 2 coats to get it opaque, but the pictures are like 3.5 coats because I was having trouble getting the hex glitter onto my nail...despite the mini hassle I had, it's still my favorite. 

Well there you have it, folks!  The entire 2011 Holiday Soiree Collection from ORLY!  My favorites were Androgynie, Au Champagne, and Oui.  I have Zoya Faye so I don't think it's necessary for me to have Ingenue (although I'd love it if I didn't have a dupe already).  I probably won't wear Le Chateau often because it's too dark and boring for me...and I'm glad I picked up Ma Cherie, but it's not my fav.

Have you guys gotten any of these yet??

<3 Whitney