Tuesday, October 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge Day 8! Funky Fingers Down To Earth!

I've got another new polish here!  Today is gold polish day and I thought I'd finally try Funky Fingers Down to Earth.

It's a pretty generic gold polish, I think.  However, Funky Fingers always surprises me with their formula--I've never had a problem with them!  This polish went on great in two coats, but I added a third for pictures.  Removing metallics always kinds of sucks because they just spread everywhere, so my cleanup wasn't tooo great.  Oh well!

Check it out:

I wish my dang nails would grow faster.  I can't believe I broke off my ring-finger and pinkie so far down.  Lame!

Anywho--I think I would've liked this a little better if my nails were longer.  And maybe if I was tan again.  I just am not a huge fan of gold...although this I feel like is more of a champagne gold rather than a super yellow gold.  It's all right, I guess!

Do you guys have a favorite gold polish?  I want Warm and Fozzie from the Muppets collection! 

Well that's it for now!  Only one more "color" to go in my challenge, then I'm on to nail art!

<3 Whitney

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