Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 4! Zoya Apple!

Don't think I've forgotten about this challenge, ladies!  I'm still here.  It's hard for me to update during the week with my crazy job, but I HAVE been painting my nails!  I've got a few days worth of posts done today, so horray!

I am really liking this challenge though, because along with the 31-day challenge, I am also doing my own "never tried" challenge and using polishes I've never used before to complete it!

Along with my never tried challenge, I've finally tried the last of the Zoya Sunshine Collection: Apple!  I am not too keen on green nails, but I'm glad I tried this because I liked it a lot!

I initially tried to have an accent nail of a CG Happy Go Lucky with Kermit the Frog painted on it, but after trying to paint him FOUR times (twice on each hand), I gave up.  I ended up with mixing my own lighter green polish (That I had hopefully named Kermit) and using that as a base with some flower stickers I had:

Happy Go Lucky accent nail...sans Kermit :(

Accent nail of my own mixed polish (Kermit) with some stick on flowers!

I ended up liking this mani okay and wore it for a few days.  The people at work were confused by my accent nail, but I don't care!  And sorry for my picture quality...I did this at night time and ended up having to take indoor pictures--lame salsa!

Anywho--this is 3 coats of Apple and three coats of HGL/Kermit.  I tend to do three coats of everything regardless if it's necessary, haha.  I love the Sunshine Collection, they're great!  Zoya polishes only tend to work well (and by that I mean last more than a day) with certain base coats and now that I've found some, I like them a lot.  I'm glad I bought the whole collection!

Wellllllll I hope you guys are enjoying my challenge posts--I'm enjoying doing them!  I've got a surprise for you all later in the week, so stay tuned!

<3 Whitney