Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 6! Julep Chloe!

Soooo I haven't been showing off my Julep Maven boxes...I promise I'll do that tomorrow and show you ladies who haven't signed up what you can get!

What I got from my October box included Julep Chloe...in the bottle it's a beautiful dark purple with suspended purple glitter that looks just awesome.

On the nail, however it looks almost black unless you're in the sunlight.  It's a bit too dark for me personally, but it's a great fall/winter color and I'm hoping it'll grow on me...'cause I'm not going to have time to do them again for a few days!

You can see the purple in the bottle in this picture

Nails look black...eh.

The polish itself didn't have the best consistency.  I haven't got the Julep application down yet--since the bottle is so skinny and the brush is so long, it is hard to get excess polish off of the brush.  If you don't get enough excess off, it runs down the whole length of the brush before you're done painting the nail...and ugh!  Some of the other Julep polishes aren't as bad, but since this one was a thicker polish, it was hard.  Howeverrrr I ignored the thickness and celebrated because this polish covered completely in only two coats!  It tried a little more matte than I prefer as well, but with some Seche Vite top coat it was awesomely shiny!  Horray!

How are you guys enjoying the Maven program?  What category did you get?  I got Bombshell.  Sounds sexy...not sure how I got there lol.

<3 Whit