Monday, October 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge Day 7! Color Club De-Luxe-Cious!

So this is the first day of my original challenge! Are any of you ladies doing polish challenges?

I picked silver nails for day 7! Now, I have plenty of foils and glitters, so I thought I'd try something new.

I bought Color Club's De-Luxe-Cious quite a while ago and never tried it even though I loved it in the bottle. It's got a blue-ish/gun metal gray with silver holo shimmers in it. LOVE! I tried to wear it on it's own but it is pretty transparent, so I did two coats of Sally Hansen Midnight Sky (Which I'll do a whole post on later!):

I love this by itself
And thennnn I added two coats of De-Luxe-Cious on top and got a wonderful combination:

I broke both my ring-finger nail and my poor pinkie...ugh so ugly :/

Blurred so you can see the glitter effect

I really loved this polish.  I can't believe I only have one Color Club, hah!  I would like to try it by itself again with maybe 3 or 4 coats and see how opaque I could get it to look...or maybe add one coat over black!  It's just so pretty in the sun.

Has anyone else tried this polish?  Did you LOVE it?!

<3 Whitney