Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OPI DS Perfection!

I've got a treat for you ladies today!  I haven't seen many reviews of this polish and I'm not sure why because it's GORGEOUS!

It's called DS Perfection and it's an older OPI DS polish that I found brand new at a salon!  Check out this beauty (warning...lots of pics!):

Look at all that color!

It's not a holographic DS polish, but instead a beautiful duochrome, almost foil--like, polish that shines between dark pink and orange!  It kind of reminds me of fire with all the dark pink/orange/yellow flashes you can see in it.  It's got a great formula (since its OPI!) and went on great in 2-3 coats.  I usually add 3 for pictures, but two may be okay for this one!

I can't say much else except wowsers!  I'm glad I bought this polish, and I'd love to keep it, but I need a bit of extra money, so I added it to my blog sale.  If more than one person wants this, it'll obviously be first come first served, but I think they might've had more at the salon!  Just let me know if you'd like it :)

And check the bottom of the blog sale page for other HTF polishes I can get from this awesome salon!

<3 Whitney