Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Epic Haul! And Blog Fixin's

Oh mannnn.  Apparently all this time...for a long time...my blog hasn't been updating to my Twitter and Facebook like I wanted it to :(

I *think* I fixed it now...I sure hope so!

Anywho...I got an epic haul today.  Uh oh!

I got the Color Club Under the Mistletoe collection for myself!  I got the Boho and Foils collection for me and my friend Jenn!

HOWEVERRR I think I decided I don't need the Foils collection.  I'd like to hold onto Cold Metal...but if anyone else wants the other 5, please let me know ASAP!  I'll give 'em all to you for $12 (including shipping if you're in the US...if not, I'll have to figure out how much international shipping is).  First come first served! Email me at estyles.ww@gmail.com

Anywho...I also got three ORLY Birds of a Feather (Sweet Peacock, Lucky Duck, and Fowl Play) along with a cute matching feathered makeup bag.  Two of the scented color club holiday polishes (Orna-minted, and Sugar Plum Yum), and some other goodies I was going to put into a secret santa until I found something better ;)  I may end up returning those other things, though hah.

Welllllllllllll that's all I wanted to share for right now!  Don't forget about my giveaway that ends this Friday! And I've got some other good news/surprises for you guys probably next week! 


<3 Whitney