Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recent Hauls!

I'm going to show you my recent hauls from my trip home!
From my first trip home, the weekend of Oct 21-23rd, I hit up my favorite beauty supply store in Columbus!

Jackpot!  Essie Super Bossa Nova, some Muppets, ORLY Collection, and a holo top coat!

I nabbed all the Muppets I could find: Excuse Moi, a 2 pack with Animalistic and Gettin' Miss Piggy With It and some glittery toe separators, Rainbow Connection, another 2 pack with Pepe's Purple Passion and Divine Swine, and Fresh Frog of Bel Air!

I also picked up ORLY's Holiday Soiree collection (which you saw yesterday!), and a Silver Holo top coat!  I got a GREAT deal on all the ORLY's...$3.75 each!

When I went back again this past weekend (Halloween weekend), I picked up some Bare Minerals Makeup:

A bunch of eyeshadows!  The four on the left are named after cute cocktails (Kir Royale, Strawberry Daquiri, Long Island Iced Tea, and Mojito) and came with a brush (not shown). The three on the left are all shades of brown.

I also picked up an eyeliner set (Retro liner plus brush) and a 7 Piece Girlfriend Collection that came with a mineral veil, blush, two eyeshadows (k.i.t. and b.f.f.) and an eyeliner and double-ended brush!

And here is MY BEST of the past two weeks:

OPI DS Signature, and OPI Ink (Suede version)  I found both of these at a GIANT EAGLE for $8 each!!!  Wish there had been more of the DS collection, I would've bought more.  BEAUTIFUL!

And finally I came home to nail mail!  From a giveaway I won from Carly at Lacquered Lover!

Yay Halloween polishes!!

Woooooo!  What a great past two weeks.  I've really not been buying polish for a while, so this was awesome for me!  I've got a lot of swatching to do :)

Have any of you picked up any of the ORLY Holiday Soiree Collection?? 

<3 Whitney