Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ORLY Fowl Play!

Hey pretties!

Hope you all had a great holiday, I sure did!  But it's back to work tomorrow and Thursday!  Ugh!

So this is a swatch from like...a month or so ago that I forgot to post!  Bummer :( 

But that's okay, I'm getting to it now!  If you haven't seen it already, ORLY Fowl Play is a beauuutifulll dark purple FLAKIE polish!  It has a purple jelly base with a bunch of different colored flakies in it including red and yellow with some small silver glitters as well.  I love it.  It's definitely my favorite from the whole Birds of a Feather collection!

It needs two coats for opacity, but these pictures are with three since I needed to fill it in a bit.  Check out this beauty!

Ahhh!  Love it.  My pictures are a little on the dark side, so I encourage you to check out some other swatches as well to see the full extent of this awesome polish!  Or just go take my word for it and buy it immediately :)  I know you have Christmas gift cards to use! 

Love you ladies!

<3 Whitney