Saturday, January 14, 2012

Julep Vanessssaaa!

Hey pretties :)

For being a Julep maven, I don't do many Julep reviews.  I loved my first box, but everything since then has been sub par for me :-/  I skipped this month, but I'm still in the program to see if anything exciting comes up!  Are any of you in the program?  I actually haven't even tried the past few polishes I've received yet, hah!

But here's one for you!  I wanted to do a mani that I knew for sure wouldn't stain my nails pink or yellow, so I decided to wear ORLY Au Champagne under Julep Vanessa, here's how it turned out:

Vanessa is a pretty white holo glitter.  You can see all of the colors a lot better in the bottle rather than on my nails in this picture.  My only qualms with this polish was that it was kind of thick to apply.  And I don't know if it's because of it's thickness, but it made the bottle appear to not be filled all of the way.  Check out the second picture....this has only been used once, it shouldn't be that low.  I think it's just so thick and stuck to the lid and brush, meh.  I don't have any thinner, but when I get some I'll have to add it to this polish first!

Did any of you mavens get Vanessa in your past boxes?  Did you like it?  Was yours as thick as mine?  Let me know!

<3 Whitney