Thursday, January 12, 2012

L'Oreal Paris Blue Marine

Soo a week or so ago, while the BF was still in Ohio and I had to come back here for work (boo), I was feelin' lonely and lazy and decided to go get myself a pizza from Kroger.

So here I am...looking like a total cliche "single-girl-from-a-romantic-comedy-movie" carrying around (carrying...I did not get a cart) a take-and-bake Donato's Pizza, a 2-Liter bottle of Hawaiian Punch, and a box of cookies...when suddenly I decide to take a stroll through the beauty products.  I added some Maybelline liquid eyeliner (which I'll have to review later because it was so bad) to my lonely-pile, and then something turquoise and shiny caught my eye!  Oooh!  And on clearance too :)  

That's how I stumbled upon L'Oreal Paris Blue Marine.

Check out the pictures, I bet you wouldn't be able to pass up this clearance polish, either!

Nowww these pictures are a little more green than I think the polish actually is.  In reality, it's a teal-blue metallic that flashes little bits of blue, green, and silver shimmer.  It's a want-to-be duochrome and appears anywhere from teal to dark blue, depending on the lighting, but I wouldn't call it a full duo-chrome. 

It went on nicely--I actually don't have any other L'Oreal Paris polishes to compare this one to.  And I believe that these pictures are of 3 coats of polish.  I liked it, but it was kind of a disappointment to how it appears in the bottle.  And I mean, I guess it looks the same...I don't know what I was expecting.  It just looks so pretty in the bottle and it ended up a little less pretty on my nails, hah!

Have you guys tried this polish?  I'd love to hear what you thought about it!

<3 Whitney