Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elemental Styles Limited Edition 4th of July SALE!

Don't worry ladies, I didn't forget about the giveaway :)  I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

I just wanted to post today about the polish I made for Independence Day called U.S.A-mericium!  It's named for the 95 element, Americium (Am-er-ee-see-um)!   I knew I wanted to make this polish for a while, but I just didn't have the supplies.  I also didn't want to release it with a normal collection since it's so 4th of July appropriate!

Here are some pics:

Bottle shot!

Over red, white, blue, and black! 

Over red, white, blue, and black -- it's by itself on my thumb

Close up!
U.S.A-mericium is filled with fine red and blue and ultrafine silver shiny glitters!  It's also got two sizes of matte white hex glitters.  It's very fun and festive and perfect for the 4th of July!  It can be layered over other colors, the photos above show one coat of U.S.A-mericium over other colors (black is my favorite!), or it can be worn alone in 2-3 coats.  It's named after the 95th element, americium!

I am doing a limited edition sale of U.S.A-mericium TODAY, June 24, at 4:30 pm EST on my Etsy shop!!  I want to make sure you have them by the 4th to do your manis :)  This is a one-time only sale and I won't be re-stocking this anytime soon.

So stay tuned later to get your hands on one :)

<3 Whitney 

P.S. I have a bunch of blog posts lined up so I can stop being a bad blogger and writing more!