Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy June! Featuring Butter London Disco Biscuit

SO after my first Butter London polish being on the thin side, I was kind of turned off to the brand.  However, I've had Black Knight and Tart With a Heart on my wish list ever since I saw swatches! 

I hate hate hate paying Butter London prices, though!  So they had a 3 for $30 sale, which is still excessive, but I thought this was my best chance to get them!  Along with those two, I also got Disco Biscuit, my new favorite pink jelly!

Check out pretty pictures of her:

These pictures are after like 2 days of tip wear, just FYI :)

But anywho--the formula on this polish was FABULOUS.  I was surprised since the last one I tried was so thin, but nope...not this one, it was perfect.  I barely had to do any cleanup because the formula and brush were so awesome.  Disco Biscuit is a bright pink/fuchsia jelly with purple shimmers in it.  Since it's a jelly I put on 3 coats for opaqueness, but in certain lighting you can still see my nail line underneath.  I didn't care though, because it was so fabulous. 

I later coated it with one coat of my Sexual Helium, but I don't have any pictures to show you, hahaha, just know it looked good :)

Do you guys have Disco Biscuit?  What's your fave Butter London?

<3 Whitney