Thursday, May 31, 2012

Have you ladies tried Certani Dri?

I have a great product that's near and dear to my heart to tell you about today!  It's called Certain Dri and it's a TRUE anti-perspirant.  I'm not even kidding you, this stuff works WONDERS.

I originally heard about this stuff in high school from my mom.  I was going through all kinds of girly hormonal changes and was super sweaty all the time for no reason.  It was quite embarrassing.  So mom turned me onto this roll on deodorant called Certain Dri that you put on at night before bed.  It worked SO well.  It's got aluminum chloride in it which just tightens the pores under your arms and dries 'em all up for up to 3 days.

I stopped using it sometime in high school when my hormones were in check, but I recently had the opportunity to try it out again!  I jumped on it because recently I've had night sweats that keep me tossing and turning all night long.  So this time I chose the regular "bar" anti-perspirant from Certain Dri.

I've been wearing it for about 2 weeks now--I just put it on before bed every 2 or 3 days and it's been keeping me super dry all through the night and during the hot Tennessee days!  I forgot how much I love this stuff!  I remember the roll-on having more of a chemical smell to it, but the bar deodorant has a baby powder smell that is much better!  Although, I do put on my regular deodorant in the mornings on top of it to keep me smellin' fresh.

You can now feel comfortable wearing sleeved shirts, hah :)

Have you guys heard of this stuff?  Or tried it?  I highly recommend it if you have issues with sweating.  The roll-on is liquid and I think is better for excessive sweating since it absorbs into your skin better, but the bar has been working great for me, too!  My only recommendation is that you do NOT shave before applying.  Shave in the mornings, put this on at night.

Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant Roll-On or solid can be purchased for about $5.50 - $5.99. and is available in mass market retail, supermarkets and drug stores nationwide, as well as online and at

Awesome!  I know this was a rambly post, but I really think ladies need to know about this stuff!  They don't advertise too much, but the product is awesome!

<3 Whitney