Saturday, May 5, 2012

Introducing: Elemental Styles' Noble Gases Collection!

Weee!  A new franken collection with SEVEN polishes!  I'm really excited about this one, actually!  These will be available in my shop VERY soon, but in limited quantities for now! 

I'm running super-dee-duper low on my base polish, but I've found multiple new suppliers, so hopefully I'll be able to bust out more soon!

BUT for now, check them out here:

First up: Sexual Hel-ium!

There are a ton of pictures of this one, sorry!  I initially made this one quite a while ago but needed to finish the collection before I showed everyone!  So the swatches are on my old nubbins, but there are some new pics near the end.

Sexual Hel-ium is a feisty fuchsia jelly with an array of pink and silver holographic glitters swimming throughout!  It actually goes on opaque in 2-3 coats and is not as "see through" in person as it appears in some of the pictures!  It's probably one of my favorite polishes I've made--it makes you feel fabulous and girly when you wear it!  Barbie would've killed for this polish.  Sexual Hel-ium is a shout out to Marvin Gaye's song from the 80's and is named after the lightest, squeak-iest of the noble gases, the second element, Helium!

Next up: Neon Lights!

Neon Lights is a clear polish filled with neon pink and neon yellow matte glitters.  The mixture of glitters makes it appear almost orange and looks great over an orange base!  The nail-wheel swatches show 2 coats of Neon Lights over white, over orange, and 3 coats by itself!  It's a great as a layering polish or can be worn alone.  The swatches on my nails show 2 coats of Neon Lights over 2 coats of orange, making it look fire-y and awesome!  Neon Lights is named after the 10th element: Neon!

Next: Ar-gon with the Wind

Ar-gon with the Wind is a light and airy polish with fine light blue matte glitters and various-sized white hex glitters.  The glitters are in a clear base (it's actually very, very light blue, but we'll go ahead and say clear here hah!).  Ar-gon with the Wind is meant as a layering polish and the nail wheel swatches show 2 coats over white, 2 coats over blue, and 3 coats by itself!  This polish is named appropriately for the 18th element, argon, and one of the best classic movies of all time: Gone With the Wind!  And if you don't like it, frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! :)

Next: Kryptonite!

Kryptonite is a light green polish with fine iridescent green/yellow glitters, white bar glitters, and is the ultimate weakness of Superman!  This polish, like the fictional radioactive element, glows in the dark!   This polish goes on opaque in 2-3 coats and is named after the 36th element, krypton!  The name is also a shout-out to Superman's greatest weakness--but don't worry, it's not harmful to us humans.

Next: Xenon: Warrior Princess

Xenon: Warrior Princess is another layering glitter that, after three coats, can be worn on its own!  She is a clear-based polish with matte pink, purple, and white fine glitters!  She's tough as nails and kicks butt on a nail wheel over white (2 coats), pink (1 coat), and all by herself (3 coats).   Xenon: Warrior Princess is the girlier sister of Xena and is named after the 54th element, xenon!

Next: Don't Rad-on My Parade

Don't Rad-on My Parade is a teal based polish with a fine, gold holographic shimmer that reminds me of mermaids.  She's much prettier on the nail than in these pictures--they just don't do her justice.  For full opacity 2-3 coats are needed and you'll be left with a lovely teal and gold shimmer to show off to all your rainy-day friends.  This polish is to honor my supposed doppelganger, Barbara (my co-workers are crazy), and her song from the musical Funny Girl, "Don't Rain on my Parade."  It's also named after the 86th element, radon, discovered by my dear friends Pierre and Marie Curie in 1899.

Last but not least: Ununoctium

Uunoctium (un-un-ock-tee-um), is another one of those crazy named, recently discovered elements!  Number 118 to be exact!  The polish it is named for is a bright neon peachy-pink glitter!  Ununoctium has a light neon pink jelly base with iridescent neon pink glitters and a few random iridescent flakies hidden inside.  This color goes on opaque with only a little bit of visible nail line left after 3 coats, but can also be used as a layering glitter!  It's a color that is perfect for summer and would look great with a tan!

WELLLLLLLL that's it!  Hopefully these will be up in my shop before this weekend is over!  Let me know what you ladies think :)

<3 Whitney