Sunday, May 27, 2012

A different kind of review today: Scünci Hot Streaks! + Giveaway

Hey ladies!  I found a loop hole in my plan :)  I was only going to blog about indie polishes for the month of May...but since this isn't POLISH I'm talking about today, I don't think I'm breaking that promise!

I've got a cool product to show you guys today!  They're called "Hot Streaks" and they're from Scünci.

Hot streaks are clip in colored hair extensions that come in all kinds of fun neon colors for summer: pink, blue, orange, green, and purple!  I was sent the orange one to try out and show to you ladies :)

These streaks are 18" long, and my hair is far from that long, so I cut off a nice chunk.  Probably a little too much, but I have zero idea how to cut hair (tried to cut my bangs a few months ago...bad idea)--regardless, I think it still looked okay!  I didn't want a big giant clip on top of my hair, so here's how I did it:

Using the "pick" end of a comb, gently slide it under a thin layer of hair
Hold the layer of hair up, or pin it if it's easier for you!
Clip the Hot Streak directly under the layer, at the roots.  They clip in real easily, they're one of those "bendy/snap" clips

Now here's what it looked like when I just let my hair I was holding down:

You can see my shiesty "cut" job and how it doesn't line up with my hair haha
It actually blended in much better than I thought it would!  You could barely tell since I put it under a layer of hair.  BUT I wanted it to be a little more defined without trying to get a thinner layer to pin it under, so I pulled my hair back a bit:

Yup. There's my face.  Without Makeup.  On the internet..
Outside sun makes me squinty

Bam! Orange.
I actually really liked this product!  Honestly, in the package I did not have high hopes and I probably would've overlooked it entirely in the store because it had that "fake plastic hair" look to it.  However I was VERY surprised when I took it out of the package and put it in how it ended up looking like real hair.  Since it was kind of wavy with I took it out of the package, I even used my straightener on it (very quickly) so it matched up with my super straight hair.  I would totally use these again!  It was super easy to use and added something funky to your look.

I'll probably grab a pink and purple one next time I'm out!  They sell these primarily at Kmart, but you can find them in some grocery stores too for $4.99.  Super cute, super fun for summer, re-useable...I highly recommend it! 

If you'd like to try this product for FREE, I'm giving one away to one lucky winner! Here are the rules:

1) You MUST be a GFC follower to enter.
2) You MUST have a mailing address in the U.S.A.
3) You MUST be 18+ or have your parents permission to enter as I will need your address to get the prize to you!

This is **CLOSED** open until June 16, 11:59 pm EST!  Good luck :)