Friday, May 25, 2012

Nail Venturous: Burst of Blue!

I have another great Nail Venturous polish to show you ladies today!  It's called Burst of Blue!

Check her out:

Wee!   I will never tire of Amy's polishes.  They are just so good! 

Burst of Blue is a clear polish filled with fine blue and black matte hex glitter, larger white hex, and black and white bar glitter!  You can slap one coat this beauty over any other color to give it a cool blue effect or you can wear it on it's own!  I used three coats for these pictures and for the polish to appear opaque.  I really like these colors together!  My bedroom is actually black and white and teal, so naturally I like this a lot :)

You guys get your hands on anymore of Amy's polishes lately?  You can find them at Ninja Polish and on her Etsy site!

<3 Whitney