Thursday, September 29, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 2! Sinful Colors Cloud 9

Okay, so contrary to popular belief (most likely from my lack of posting), I DID do Day 2 of this challenge ON Day 2, howeverrr I just didn't get around to posting it since I couldn't take pictures at night!

And thennnnn I didn't post the next day 'cause I'm lazy....

SO here it is finally, Day 2!  Oranges!

I gave The Boyfriend a choice of three oranges I hadn't tried from my collection and he chose Sinful Colors Cloud 9:

It wasn't ultra bright out when I took these, but you can still see that even with three coats there's quite a bit of visible nail line.  Meh.  I liked the consistency of the polish, it goes on great and cleans up decently well, but it just wasn't opaque enough for me.  I almost painted white under it but on a whim I thought I'd see how it went without it.  It doesn't matter too much, though, 'cause I lost a bit of my tan and this bright transparent orange just looked strange on my hands.  Have any of you guys tried this polish?  I think I'll definitely keep it in the collection, I'll just try and remind myself to put something under it!

OH And I said I'd let you know how it went with the no chip 10-day Sally Hansen polish from my Day 1 did NOT go well.  The same day I painted my nails I closed my hand in the freezer door and chipped a tiny piece off my thumb and pointer fingers and it went all downhill from there.  A huge chunk came off at work the next morning and by lunchtime it all came peeling off in sheets.  It might've had something to do with the base and top coat I used, because I know with Zoya you can only use certain base coats or it chips easily...but I don't know!  This combo I use works with other polishes, but whatev. 

Welllllllll I've already got my Day 3 polish done since I did it TODAY, so hopefully I can keep kind of better on track with this!

Anyone else still doing this challenge??