Thursday, September 8, 2011

E-nuf is E-nuf!

A while ago I was lucky enough to get quite a few Essie polishes from Traci at the TraceFace Philes! 

One of them was a lovely dark pink/red called E-nuf is E-nuf!  Check it out:

I really like Essie...sometimes the formula is a little thin, but I've had much better luck recently.  Especially with this polish! 

It went on super shiny and smooth in 2-3 coats (sorry, this was about two-three weeks ago, so I can't remember exactly!).  I love 2 coater polishes, but more often than not to get good pictures for the blog I do 3.  I usually don't wear reds like this but it ended up really pretty.   

I probably should've used ridgefiller because you can see the irregularities on my pointer finger nail, but that's okay.  Usually reds stain pretty bad but this one came off easily and didn't turn my skin all red when I was cleaning up!

Overall I'm liking Essie more and more, and it's helpful that they sell them at a lot of places due to my current lack of beauty stores...mainly Ulta.  :/

Welllllll hope you are well, I'm headed back home for a wedding this weekend, so I probably won't have time to update for the weekend, but I'll try and set up a post!

<3 Whitney