Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Barielle Karma Collection! Triple Post!

Good morning lovelies!  I hope you all had a GREAT labor day weekend!  It was a 4 day weekend for me, which was definitely needed!

Right when I was moving I got sent three Barielle polishes to review from their Karma Collection released earlier this year!  I did the first two not long after I received them, but I got too busy to do the third until recently and I wanted to post about them all at once!

Barielle Karma Collection

They're all beautiful polishes, but I chose to try: Soul-er Powered, Do Unto Others, and Gotta Have Fate!

First up: Soul-er Powered:

Soul-er Powered is a beautiful shimmery yellow that has just enough frost to make it shine, but not enough to make the formula streaky.  It went on smooth and opaque in three coats and lasted a few days without chipping!  I love yellow--I don't care if it's mid-winter and I'm pale as can be, I still love wearing the color, so there's nothing I don't like about this polish! 

Next up: Do Unto Others:

Do Unto Others is a pretty robins-egg blue/teal that went on shiny and opaque in 3 coats, but I think I could've got away with just 2.  This is a very "spring" color that I liked a lot!  This was the color that I kept putting off doing because I didn't think I could pass off this bright of a color at work, but I actually got compliments on it, so I was very pleased :)

Next up: Gotta Have Fate:

I think this one was my favorite of the three that I tried, but only because I can't resist pinks/peaches ever, hah!  This was the color I was talking about a few posts back that is very similar to CND's Tropic Coral, but I haven't swatched them side by side.  I did like this formula much better than CND--it went on super smooth and shiny in 3 coats, but like Do Unto Others, I think I could get away with just 2, which is great in my book!  I love this color because you can wear it any time of the year with nearly anything.

Overall, I loved all the colors and I'm very surprised I didn't hear more about this collection earlier this summer when it came out!

These were my first Barielle polishes and I can definitely say I'd purchase them in the future!  I might have to get them from their website because I don't have an Ulta around here...anyone else know where to get them?

Hope you enjoyed!

<3 Whitney