Friday, June 29, 2012

Featuring: Naïade by Karine

I have a pretty indie polish to show you today called Naïade by Karine!  I got this pretty right before she decided to stop taking orders, but I wanted to show you anyway!  Hopefully in the future she decides to accept orders again because I really like her polishes.

Here are some pics!  I initially forgot to take pictures the first day I wore this, so it's after a day or two of tip bad!

Naïade is a pretty aqua/teal jelly filled with iridescent flakies and green/gold/blue glitters!  It went on very easily, but needed 3 coats to be opaque.  However, it wasn't thick after three coats like some polishes are!  The flakies were gorgeous and in the sun it looks fabulous!  (Check out her pics to see it!).  She should really make more polishes, because she's talented and her names are cute and creative.  Naïade is named appropriately for the water nymphs in Greek mythology!

Hope you guys are having a great week!  Enjoy the weekend :)

<3 Whitney

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Nail Art! Featuring Julep Parker


So I've had this on hold for a while...honestly I kind of forgot about this until I saved my previous polka dot post in my nail art file and saw it there!

It was more of a spring polish post rather than summer, but I still like it!  I finally found a Julep color that I really liked: a bright orange called Parker!  I believe I used 2 coats for this mani, and it went on surprisingly well.  A lot of people don't like the Julep brush, but every once in a while it works great for me!

I don't have many pics but I'll show you ladies anyawy!

At the time I really liked it, but looking back, I probably should've used dotting tools rather than the nail art brush I used!  I stamped the flower using a born pretty plate and then did some yellow dots using China Glaze Happy Go Lucky.  I told you girls I loved polka dots!

Too bad everyone at work thought I was wearing orange and white to support the University of Tennessee.  Silly people, Ohio State all the way ;)  I just like orange!  And boy do they ALL like orange down here! 

I think I'm going to try stamping more often...maybe for my 4th of July mani along with my U.S.A-mericium polish :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed my messy polka dots!

<3 Whitney

Monday, June 25, 2012

Giveaway Winner + Pool Party Polka Dot Nails!

Helllooooo!  I'm back to blogging, horray!

First of all, I'd like to congratulate my GFC follower Tavern Direct Blog for winning my Scünci Hot Streak giveaway!! Horray!  She has 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen!

Nowwww I'd like to show you some nail art I did this weekend for a pool party we had :)  I got the idea of the polka dots from DIY Polish & More. Super cute idea!

Om nom nom!  I love polka dots!  I think I will probably do this with every color combination I can think of, hahaha.  I've already got another in mind! 

Anywhooo I started off with a base of 2 coats of China Glaze Papaya Punch with 2 coats of OPI Strawberry Margarita as my accent nail!  Then I just used those two colors along with Sinful Colors White Creme and my different sized dotting tools to make the dots!  Voila! Easy peasy and it didn't take very long, either!  I thought they were perfect for summer and I'm leaving them on as long as physically possible, hahaha.

Hope you like!

<3 Whitney

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elemental Styles Limited Edition 4th of July SALE!

Don't worry ladies, I didn't forget about the giveaway :)  I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

I just wanted to post today about the polish I made for Independence Day called U.S.A-mericium!  It's named for the 95 element, Americium (Am-er-ee-see-um)!   I knew I wanted to make this polish for a while, but I just didn't have the supplies.  I also didn't want to release it with a normal collection since it's so 4th of July appropriate!

Here are some pics:

Bottle shot!

Over red, white, blue, and black! 

Over red, white, blue, and black -- it's by itself on my thumb

Close up!
U.S.A-mericium is filled with fine red and blue and ultrafine silver shiny glitters!  It's also got two sizes of matte white hex glitters.  It's very fun and festive and perfect for the 4th of July!  It can be layered over other colors, the photos above show one coat of U.S.A-mericium over other colors (black is my favorite!), or it can be worn alone in 2-3 coats.  It's named after the 95th element, americium!

I am doing a limited edition sale of U.S.A-mericium TODAY, June 24, at 4:30 pm EST on my Etsy shop!!  I want to make sure you have them by the 4th to do your manis :)  This is a one-time only sale and I won't be re-stocking this anytime soon.

So stay tuned later to get your hands on one :)

<3 Whitney 

P.S. I have a bunch of blog posts lined up so I can stop being a bad blogger and writing more!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Hey girls!

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth!  I'm sorry for the delay--I got very busy wrapped up in all of my orders from my last Etsy restock (check it, there are a few left) and then took an impromptu break.  I was out of town last weekend and then I've been taking care of my boyfriend the past few days.  He had a nasty fall and hit his head pretty hard.

Anywho I just wanted to make a few announcements.  FIRST of all, I still have my Scunci Hot Streak giveaway running until midnight (EST) tomorrow!  So if you're wanting to try them out, don't forget to enter! 

Second, to my extreme excitement, 14 different polishes of mine are now featured in the American Museum of Science and Energy gift shop in Oak Ridge, TN!!
Ahhhh!  I'm so excited it's not even funny!  My boyfriend and I are both members at this museum near our home, so it was quite thrilling to see my stuff in their store!  If any of you are near the area, you should check it out--the museum is great!

My display!!!!
And lastly regarding a future restock of Etsy...I have no idea when that will be, hah!  Obviously it's getting to the point where I have so many different polishes I can't possibly restock all of them at once anymore.  So please be patient :)  I am waiting on supplies and then I'll get back to work, with hopefully a new collection as well!

Hope you all are well, I'll be back to blogging soon!

<3 Whitney

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy June! Featuring Butter London Disco Biscuit

SO after my first Butter London polish being on the thin side, I was kind of turned off to the brand.  However, I've had Black Knight and Tart With a Heart on my wish list ever since I saw swatches! 

I hate hate hate paying Butter London prices, though!  So they had a 3 for $30 sale, which is still excessive, but I thought this was my best chance to get them!  Along with those two, I also got Disco Biscuit, my new favorite pink jelly!

Check out pretty pictures of her:

These pictures are after like 2 days of tip wear, just FYI :)

But anywho--the formula on this polish was FABULOUS.  I was surprised since the last one I tried was so thin, but nope...not this one, it was perfect.  I barely had to do any cleanup because the formula and brush were so awesome.  Disco Biscuit is a bright pink/fuchsia jelly with purple shimmers in it.  Since it's a jelly I put on 3 coats for opaqueness, but in certain lighting you can still see my nail line underneath.  I didn't care though, because it was so fabulous. 

I later coated it with one coat of my Sexual Helium, but I don't have any pictures to show you, hahaha, just know it looked good :)

Do you guys have Disco Biscuit?  What's your fave Butter London?

<3 Whitney