Thursday, May 31, 2012

Have you ladies tried Certani Dri?

I have a great product that's near and dear to my heart to tell you about today!  It's called Certain Dri and it's a TRUE anti-perspirant.  I'm not even kidding you, this stuff works WONDERS.

I originally heard about this stuff in high school from my mom.  I was going through all kinds of girly hormonal changes and was super sweaty all the time for no reason.  It was quite embarrassing.  So mom turned me onto this roll on deodorant called Certain Dri that you put on at night before bed.  It worked SO well.  It's got aluminum chloride in it which just tightens the pores under your arms and dries 'em all up for up to 3 days.

I stopped using it sometime in high school when my hormones were in check, but I recently had the opportunity to try it out again!  I jumped on it because recently I've had night sweats that keep me tossing and turning all night long.  So this time I chose the regular "bar" anti-perspirant from Certain Dri.

I've been wearing it for about 2 weeks now--I just put it on before bed every 2 or 3 days and it's been keeping me super dry all through the night and during the hot Tennessee days!  I forgot how much I love this stuff!  I remember the roll-on having more of a chemical smell to it, but the bar deodorant has a baby powder smell that is much better!  Although, I do put on my regular deodorant in the mornings on top of it to keep me smellin' fresh.

You can now feel comfortable wearing sleeved shirts, hah :)

Have you guys heard of this stuff?  Or tried it?  I highly recommend it if you have issues with sweating.  The roll-on is liquid and I think is better for excessive sweating since it absorbs into your skin better, but the bar has been working great for me, too!  My only recommendation is that you do NOT shave before applying.  Shave in the mornings, put this on at night.

Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant Roll-On or solid can be purchased for about $5.50 - $5.99. and is available in mass market retail, supermarkets and drug stores nationwide, as well as online and at

Awesome!  I know this was a rambly post, but I really think ladies need to know about this stuff!  They don't advertise too much, but the product is awesome!

<3 Whitney

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Featuring Elemental Styles: Don't Radon My Parade

I'm ending out my "Hand Made for the month of May" with one of my own polishes :)

This one I swatched pictures of, so I thought I'd show it to you ladies today!

This one is Don't Radon My Parade from my Noble Gases collection:

In these pictures it looks a little less opaque than it does in person...but whatever!  I really like this polish, it's a pretty teal with a gold shimmer!  It's not considered a glitter because it's very easy to remove, hah!  Here's my description:

Don't Rad-on My Parade is a teal based polish with a fine, gold holographic shimmer that reminds me of mermaids.  She's much prettier on the nail than in these pictures--they just don't do her justice.  For full opacity 2-3 coats are needed and you'll be left with a lovely teal and gold shimmer to show off to all your rainy-day friends.  This polish is to honor my supposed doppelganger, Barbara (my co-workers are crazy), and her song from the musical Funny Girl, "Don't Rain on my Parade."  It's also named after the 86th element, radon, discovered by my dear friends Pierre and Marie Curie in 1899.

Don't Radon my Parade can normally be purchased from my Etsy shop

Thanks for reading, pretty ladies!  Hope you're stayin' cool--it's been in the 90s here this week!

<3 Whitney

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A different kind of review today: Scünci Hot Streaks! + Giveaway

Hey ladies!  I found a loop hole in my plan :)  I was only going to blog about indie polishes for the month of May...but since this isn't POLISH I'm talking about today, I don't think I'm breaking that promise!

I've got a cool product to show you guys today!  They're called "Hot Streaks" and they're from Scünci.

Hot streaks are clip in colored hair extensions that come in all kinds of fun neon colors for summer: pink, blue, orange, green, and purple!  I was sent the orange one to try out and show to you ladies :)

These streaks are 18" long, and my hair is far from that long, so I cut off a nice chunk.  Probably a little too much, but I have zero idea how to cut hair (tried to cut my bangs a few months ago...bad idea)--regardless, I think it still looked okay!  I didn't want a big giant clip on top of my hair, so here's how I did it:

Using the "pick" end of a comb, gently slide it under a thin layer of hair
Hold the layer of hair up, or pin it if it's easier for you!
Clip the Hot Streak directly under the layer, at the roots.  They clip in real easily, they're one of those "bendy/snap" clips

Now here's what it looked like when I just let my hair I was holding down:

You can see my shiesty "cut" job and how it doesn't line up with my hair haha
It actually blended in much better than I thought it would!  You could barely tell since I put it under a layer of hair.  BUT I wanted it to be a little more defined without trying to get a thinner layer to pin it under, so I pulled my hair back a bit:

Yup. There's my face.  Without Makeup.  On the internet..
Outside sun makes me squinty

Bam! Orange.
I actually really liked this product!  Honestly, in the package I did not have high hopes and I probably would've overlooked it entirely in the store because it had that "fake plastic hair" look to it.  However I was VERY surprised when I took it out of the package and put it in how it ended up looking like real hair.  Since it was kind of wavy with I took it out of the package, I even used my straightener on it (very quickly) so it matched up with my super straight hair.  I would totally use these again!  It was super easy to use and added something funky to your look.

I'll probably grab a pink and purple one next time I'm out!  They sell these primarily at Kmart, but you can find them in some grocery stores too for $4.99.  Super cute, super fun for summer, re-useable...I highly recommend it! 

If you'd like to try this product for FREE, I'm giving one away to one lucky winner! Here are the rules:

1) You MUST be a GFC follower to enter.
2) You MUST have a mailing address in the U.S.A.
3) You MUST be 18+ or have your parents permission to enter as I will need your address to get the prize to you!

This is **CLOSED** open until June 16, 11:59 pm EST!  Good luck :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nail Venturous: Burst of Blue!

I have another great Nail Venturous polish to show you ladies today!  It's called Burst of Blue!

Check her out:

Wee!   I will never tire of Amy's polishes.  They are just so good! 

Burst of Blue is a clear polish filled with fine blue and black matte hex glitter, larger white hex, and black and white bar glitter!  You can slap one coat this beauty over any other color to give it a cool blue effect or you can wear it on it's own!  I used three coats for these pictures and for the polish to appear opaque.  I really like these colors together!  My bedroom is actually black and white and teal, so naturally I like this a lot :)

You guys get your hands on anymore of Amy's polishes lately?  You can find them at Ninja Polish and on her Etsy site!

<3 Whitney

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SoFlaJo Champagne Cocktail!

I love SoFlaJo and her stinkin' cute collections! 

The one I have to show you ladies today is from her Happy Hour Collection!  It's a beautiful silver glitter holographic polish called Champagne Cocktail!  She sells on her blog site and on Etsy, so check her out!

Wowowowow!  I love this!  Champagne Cocktail is an AWESOME silver holographic polish filled with various sized silver bar and hex holographic glitters!  So unique! 

You could easily layer this polish over another to give it a pretty holographic feel, or it goes on opaque in three coats!  The formula is thinner than many other frankens I've purchased, but I really liked it!  And it comes with a great wide brush for easy application!  I'm in love! 

You can purchase Champagne Cocktail, full sized, here for $10 plus SH!  And I definitely recommend checking out Jody's other polishes! 

<3 Whitney

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Indie! Featuring: Glitter Daze's April Rain

Boy do I have a beauty for you ladies today! 

Have you heard of Glitter Daze? Sana has made some super pretty glitter-filled polishes!  She's actually got a blog where she features them as well--beautiful! 

The one I have to show you today is from Sana's Simply Spring Collection--a beautiful collection of glitter spring-colored polishes, all with cocktail themed names! Such a cute idea! 

Check out April Rain:

Honestly when I saw the bottle, I loved the color but had now idea how awesome it was until I swatched it!  April Rain is GORGEOUS! 

April Rain is a beautiful light blue/teal polish loaded with silver, sea foam green, and blue glitters!  I think this is a fabulous spring AND summer polish and I'm super psyched to have it in my collection.  It goes on opaque in 2 coats, but I used 3 for these pictures, but would be beautiful with 1 coat layered over another color.  As a matter of fact you can see Sana's blog post here that shows it layered.  Lovely!

Check out Glitter Daze on Etsy.  She sells full sized bottles for $8.50-$9.00 and minis for $4.50-$4.85. 

<3 Whitney

Friday, May 18, 2012

Not Too Polished : Hatter!

I've got another indie polish to show you ladies today!  Actually, it's another one from Not Too Polished called Hatter!

Hatter is from her Wonderland Collection (which is tooo cute, BTW!) and you can score this pretty polish for $6.00 for a full size bottle or $3.00 for a mini!

Check it out:

Hatter is a dark grey-ish green shimmery polish that appears to be a duo-chrome with purple undertones in the light!  It's packed with different colored glitters: silver, red, pink, blue, and green hexes, silver bar glitters, and gold micro glitter!  It actually reminds me of OPI Not Like the Movies with glitter!  I remember a lot of people went crazy over that when it came out because it was a duochrome and I kind of like this one better.  Honestly, it was the perfect consistency--by the way it applied, you wouldn't even know there was glitter in it because it went on so smooth!  No glitter fishing at all :) It went on opaque in two coats.

Have you guys checked out Not Too Polished yet?  Her May Flowers collection won't be out for much longer!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nail Venturous The Shimmer Effect

Onward with Made by Hand May!

Ahhhhhh!  Amy keeps surprising me with the creativity and quality of her polishes!  I lovvveee herrrr!

I've got another beautiful polish from her to show you guys!  It's called The Shimmer Effect and it's probably tied for my favorite with Corrupted!

Lookie lookie:

Oh my gosh.  GORGEOUS!

The Shimmer Effect is a purple jelly/cream with micro yellow and green and larger gold and bronze square glitters!  It looks FABULOUS together!  The formula was absolutely perfect, I couldn't even tell there was glitter in it, it went on like a cream, no glitter-fishin' what so ever!  These pictures show three coats, but 2 would've been just fine!

Have you guys got your hands on any Nail Venturous polishes?  Which one is your fave?

<3 Whitney

Friday, May 11, 2012

Made by Hand May featuring Not Too Polished May Flowers Collection

Hey pretties!  I decided to go along with some of my other blogger friends and participate in "Made by Hand May" and feature only indie polishes for the whole month! 

So today, I've got TWO polishes to show you from an indie polish maker named Elizabeth from Not Too Polished.  She's got a limited edition collection out for this month ONLY called May Flowers and sent me two to show you guys!

First up: New Grass

New Grass is a pretty spring green with an appropriate name :)  It's a thinner formula, but not runny--very good, actually!  This one applied relatively easily!  This shows three coats, but two would've been okay if you let it dry it between coats.  I'm super impatient and tried to get each coat on one after the other and then....I dragged my hair through it, hah!  I liked this color a lot more than I thought I would.  Normally I'm not into greens but this one didn't stain and it looked okay with my skin tone!  I'd definitely wear this again!  Go to green!

The next one I have to show you is Peach Blossom:

Peach Blossom was a bit thinner than New Grass, but was not unmanageable.  It's a very, very pretty, girly neutral color that is perfect for spring (or any other time of the year!).  I even think that it'd look pretty to use as the "nude" for a french manicure, just to put a peachy spin on it!  It took 3 coats to make it certain lighting, I could still see a bit of nail line, but I'm too lazy for 4 coats of polish, so I deal with it :)

Overall, I really liked both of these colors, and they're great for spring!  She's got four other gorgeous colors in this collection, available this month only, for $6.00 each. check them out here!  As a matter of fact, I just ordered 3 more lol.

Have you guys checked Elizabeth's shop out yet?

<3 Whitney

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nail Venturous: Corrupted!

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

Oh. My. Gosh.  I found my new favorite nail polish in the whole world and it's made by my friend Amy at Nail Venturous Nail Lacquers/I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous!

I don't know how she makes such fabulous nail polish--she must be a genius.  She's gotten quite popular though and her shop will be closed for a little while, but if you can find a way to get your hands on some of her frankens (check Ninja Polish), I'm sure you'll love them!

Okay, you MAY be ready for this jelly now.  Check out Corrupted:

Ahhhhhh!  It's like a peacock on my nails!  Corrupted is a dark blue jelly with various gold, blue, and teal hex glitters.  There are also large light blue diamond-shaped glitters and gold bar glitter!  Not to mention that the formula was FABULOUS.  It went on perfect in 2 coats. 

Seriously guys, I'm so in love with this polish.  I might order another one as a back-up if I ever get the chance, hah! 

Have you gotten your hands on any of Amy's polishes?

<3 Whitney

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Introducing: Elemental Styles' Noble Gases Collection!

Weee!  A new franken collection with SEVEN polishes!  I'm really excited about this one, actually!  These will be available in my shop VERY soon, but in limited quantities for now! 

I'm running super-dee-duper low on my base polish, but I've found multiple new suppliers, so hopefully I'll be able to bust out more soon!

BUT for now, check them out here:

First up: Sexual Hel-ium!

There are a ton of pictures of this one, sorry!  I initially made this one quite a while ago but needed to finish the collection before I showed everyone!  So the swatches are on my old nubbins, but there are some new pics near the end.

Sexual Hel-ium is a feisty fuchsia jelly with an array of pink and silver holographic glitters swimming throughout!  It actually goes on opaque in 2-3 coats and is not as "see through" in person as it appears in some of the pictures!  It's probably one of my favorite polishes I've made--it makes you feel fabulous and girly when you wear it!  Barbie would've killed for this polish.  Sexual Hel-ium is a shout out to Marvin Gaye's song from the 80's and is named after the lightest, squeak-iest of the noble gases, the second element, Helium!

Next up: Neon Lights!

Neon Lights is a clear polish filled with neon pink and neon yellow matte glitters.  The mixture of glitters makes it appear almost orange and looks great over an orange base!  The nail-wheel swatches show 2 coats of Neon Lights over white, over orange, and 3 coats by itself!  It's a great as a layering polish or can be worn alone.  The swatches on my nails show 2 coats of Neon Lights over 2 coats of orange, making it look fire-y and awesome!  Neon Lights is named after the 10th element: Neon!

Next: Ar-gon with the Wind

Ar-gon with the Wind is a light and airy polish with fine light blue matte glitters and various-sized white hex glitters.  The glitters are in a clear base (it's actually very, very light blue, but we'll go ahead and say clear here hah!).  Ar-gon with the Wind is meant as a layering polish and the nail wheel swatches show 2 coats over white, 2 coats over blue, and 3 coats by itself!  This polish is named appropriately for the 18th element, argon, and one of the best classic movies of all time: Gone With the Wind!  And if you don't like it, frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! :)

Next: Kryptonite!

Kryptonite is a light green polish with fine iridescent green/yellow glitters, white bar glitters, and is the ultimate weakness of Superman!  This polish, like the fictional radioactive element, glows in the dark!   This polish goes on opaque in 2-3 coats and is named after the 36th element, krypton!  The name is also a shout-out to Superman's greatest weakness--but don't worry, it's not harmful to us humans.

Next: Xenon: Warrior Princess

Xenon: Warrior Princess is another layering glitter that, after three coats, can be worn on its own!  She is a clear-based polish with matte pink, purple, and white fine glitters!  She's tough as nails and kicks butt on a nail wheel over white (2 coats), pink (1 coat), and all by herself (3 coats).   Xenon: Warrior Princess is the girlier sister of Xena and is named after the 54th element, xenon!

Next: Don't Rad-on My Parade

Don't Rad-on My Parade is a teal based polish with a fine, gold holographic shimmer that reminds me of mermaids.  She's much prettier on the nail than in these pictures--they just don't do her justice.  For full opacity 2-3 coats are needed and you'll be left with a lovely teal and gold shimmer to show off to all your rainy-day friends.  This polish is to honor my supposed doppelganger, Barbara (my co-workers are crazy), and her song from the musical Funny Girl, "Don't Rain on my Parade."  It's also named after the 86th element, radon, discovered by my dear friends Pierre and Marie Curie in 1899.

Last but not least: Ununoctium

Uunoctium (un-un-ock-tee-um), is another one of those crazy named, recently discovered elements!  Number 118 to be exact!  The polish it is named for is a bright neon peachy-pink glitter!  Ununoctium has a light neon pink jelly base with iridescent neon pink glitters and a few random iridescent flakies hidden inside.  This color goes on opaque with only a little bit of visible nail line left after 3 coats, but can also be used as a layering glitter!  It's a color that is perfect for summer and would look great with a tan!

WELLLLLLLL that's it!  Hopefully these will be up in my shop before this weekend is over!  Let me know what you ladies think :)

<3 Whitney