Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The last of the Halogens...Unuseptium!

Okay, so here's the last of the Halogen Collection that I promised you guys :D

It's called Unuseptium, named directly after the element.  It's element 117 and doesn't have an "official" name yet!  So since there's nothing creative I could think to do with "unuseptuim" (although I tried to use a play on "septium" but it sounded too much like septic, which just is not appealing), this polish is the same name as the element!

Anywho it follows the suit of the other Halogen's and is a white-ish layering polish, but this one is a glitter!  Check it out:

Over black, over CG Turned up Turquoise, over CG Flying Dragon, over SC Pink Cream

Turned up Turquoise does not even remotely look like it does in this picture, hah!

I think that it looks best over darker colors, I like it both over black and purple, although I think it does work pretty well with the pink.  Over the teal it looked great in person but since on it's own Turned up Turquoise is a neon, it just doesn't photograph correctly.  Unuseptium has a mix of different colored iridescent glitters all in a clear base.  Only one coat is needed to add a nice glittery topcoat to any color.  I really like this glitter a lot and I think it completes the Halogen collection quite nicely.

Anywho, my shop should be open and running tomorrow!  Stay tuned, I'll post about it :)  Or you can check it out here tomorrow.