Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nail Art Contest Entry!

Hello pretties! 

Today I have some nail art to show you for a contest I'm entering on Chalkboard Nails!

I told my boyfriend there was a contest online where you had to make nail art using only a dotting tool (then I had to tell him what a dotting tool was...), and he designed it for me!

He said that when I hold my hands for pictures it reminds him of an alien or some sort of creature (sweet, isn't he? lol), and that I should do an alien!

So here it is, designed by my boyfriend and painted by me:

For this art I used Funky Fingers Ectoplasmic for the green background and hands, China Glaze Flying Dragon for the purple spots, Funky Finger Tribal for accents on the fingers, and just a white and black cream for the eye.  I used a couple different sized dotting tools for the details.

Overall, it looks pretty much exactly like the picture my boyfriend drew for me, so he was quite happy about it :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend!  The doc gave me permission to go back to work on Monday, so that's good!  Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop where I'm selling my frankens!

<3 Whitney