Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink Wednesday! Color Club Hot. Like. Lava.

Woo I'm so bad at keeping up with Pink Wednesday, but it just so happens I had a pink swatch for this week!

Sooo I thought since I had such luck with the Color Club Cold Metal from the Foil'd collection, that I'd reach into my "selling" pile and use Hot Like Lava. 

I don't often do that, but I haven't had much traffic to the blog sale page lately, and I'd been eying it in the basket for a while so I thought I'd try it. 

This is two coats of Hot Like Lava:

Overall, I loved the application and the formula...but I just don't know how I feel about metallics/foils.  I loved the blue, but I think I'll put this back on the sale page as used 1x.  It is a pretty color, I just don't see myself wearing it, and I still do a decent amount of clean up and the metals don't clean up as well as creams.  SO if any of you ladies have been looking for this (or any of the other CC foils), check out my blog sale, hah.  I hear they're good for stamping, which almost makes me want to keep them...but I don't do that too often either, since I'm so bad at it :)

Did you guys pick up the Foil'd collection?

<3 Whitney