Friday, February 3, 2012

Excuse Moi, I have another Muppet's OPI for you!

Oh dear, did I seriously not ever post this mani?  I'm so bad, hah.  I just noticed it was on the top of my list and I've been ignoring it all this time.  I'm pretty sure I did this around Christmas time...

Anywhoooooooo this is three coats of OPI Excuse Moi, a pretty, bright pink and silver glitter polish from the OPI Muppets Collection:

Dang, back when I had nubbins.  Although they've gotten back to that recently 'cause I've had a lot of breaks :(

I really loved this glitter, but it was a B to clean up!  As you can see from the pictures, I still have glitter everywhere lol.  It's jam packed with fine pink glitter, but it's also got a decent amount of holographic silver glitter, you can see in my thumb pic that in the light it shows a whole bunch of colors!  I'm in love.  Definitely my favorite from the collection.

Did you guys pick up Excuse Moi?!

<3 Whit