Sunday, February 12, 2012

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede...Ruffian!

Hello pretties.

Sorry for the delay in posts, I was out of town for business all last week!  BUT I spent last weekend swatching a ton of polishes and editing photos so I could update in the evenings from my hotel, but the internet turned out to be something like $14 bucks a day, which I refused to spend, haha.  But now I'm back!

I've got a mani to show you that I did with Lincoln Park After Dark Suede, which is much prettier than I expected.  I first put down two coats of OPI Glamour Game, a pretty gold with slight glitter flecks, and added a coat of LPAD suede as a ruffian.  I was super psyched to get pictures of this right away, but I only got two pics before my camera died and I couldn't find my camera charger, so some of them are from my iPhone.



I really liked LPAD suede.  I have OPI Ink Suede, which I've only used once and had a really hard time with, so I was kind of reluctant to try another suede.  BUT, I looked up some tips for mattes and suedes and I think I must have just been trying to apply it too slowly.  Since they dry so quickly, you have to be quick in your application.  They are pretty opaque and go on usually in one coat, but I could still kind of see the gold underneath the first coat, so I added a second after the first coat had dried. 

I don't think I'd be opposed to owning more suedes now that I had much better luck with LPAD!  What suedes are your fav? 

<3 Whitney