Monday, May 2, 2011

Flight's Delayedddd....

Just wanted to update real quick while I'm waiting at the airport for my flight...although I had to get ON my flight and didn't have a chance to post this, so now I'm actually AT my hotel :)

So my boyfriend's boss invited him to go on a private tour with Jack Hanna at the Columbus Zoo today and I'm SO jealous I have to fly out tonight for this interview tomorrow.  He just texted me a picture.  Ugghh.  I love the zoo.

My something new of the day was a Mediterranean Restaurant!  I can't remember what it's called but it's right by my parents house and I hadn't tried it before.  It was delish.

I also tried Zoya Kimmy from the Sunshine Collection before I walked out the door today.  Oh my GOSH.  Favorite one of the collection.  I'm usually not into reds, but this one is seriously amazing.  It's so bold and fantastic.  I'm going to have to swatch it when I get back.  Do you all love it as much as I do?

Welllllll I got some work to do, just wanted to update real quick :)

Have a great night,