Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Double Pink Wednesday!! Ulta Polishes + Haul :)

Okay. So. I have a lot to say in this update.

I've reached 100 followers!!!! Woo hooo!!  I'm at 103--this is great!  I never ever thought in a million years that anyone would care or even read what I wrote here, so I'm SO beyond thrilled.  This makes me feel really good, guys, I appreciate each and every one of you and I love reading all your comments!

Now, I can finally tell you about my epic haul from last weekend!! Take a look:

Dum dum dum duuuummm!

So my BF Jenn sold me a bunch of Bath and Body Works stuff she had for super cheap!  I got two cute clip on air fresheners for my car, three lotions, a candle, two lip glosses, and some soap!  Then we hit up Ulta and I used two $5 off coupons, a 20% off coupon, the free ORLY coupon again and got all the polishes (Buy 2 get 2 free), and burt's bees stuff for $20!  Then I wanted to try the new Wet n Wild eye shadows so I stopped by CVS and got some of those.  

I stocked up on my pinks for Pink Wednesdays by getting the ORLY Oh Cabana Boy, and Ulta Fuschiamania, Princess, and Heirhead (seen L to R on the bottom left).  The rest of the stuff I'll tell you in the next post right after this 'cause all the stuff in the right is part of my GIVEAWAY!!! YAY!!!

BUT for now, onto Pink Wednesday :)

I decided to try out Ulta's Heirhead, the light pink one in the picture!  I really liked it.  This was my first time using a non-glitter Ulta polish and I was impressed.  For how cheap you can get them (Buy 2 get 2 free is an AWESOME deal...that's 4 for $10...and if you use a $5 off coupon, it's 4 for $5!!), the formula is quite good.  Anyway, check it out:


I really liked this!  It didn't compliment my skin tone too well but the color is nice anyway.  It'll be good later in the summer I think.  This is three coats!  I like how smooth and opaque the polish is, I probably could've done just two! 

Jenn came over today, too, and painted her nails with me!  She thought we could do a double Pink Wednesday and take some pics of hers too.  What she did was she combined the dark pink Ulta polish, Fuschiamania, with Zoya's Rica (Sunshine Collection)!  Looksie:

Fuschiamania by is a little more pink rather than red in person

I like how it turned out.  Zoyas are pretty opaque for glitters and normally overtake a base color but this combo looks really good in person.  Rica looks really orange-y normally by itself, so with a dark pink base it really brings out the pink in it.  She's so creative :)  And I liked having someone to paint my nails with today, it's usually just me!

Oh, and those pics of Jenn's nails are 2 coats Fuschiamania (it went on really opaque, if you were running out the door, you could go with 1 coat and be okay), and 1 coat of Rica!

Like I said before--super impressed with the Ulta formula.  I didn't think the "generic" polishes were going to be that good, but the cheap ones have been impressing me for a while!  I still love Sinful Colors, and when they're on sale for 99 cents, I take advantage of it!

Anywho, stay tuned for another post regarding my 100 follower giveaway!!

<3 Whitney

PS Jenn gave me a real cute idea for a nail polish "series"...I'll have to work it on in my head a bit, but I'm hoping to try something weekly like Pink Wednesday but allll me!